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  1. Is there a mod that i can use to place blocks with a machine? I want to build an elevated rail and need a way to place blocks in a straight line without doing it manually hopefully.
  2. Totally agree. I thought the original spirit of VOLTZ was to have a modpack with a consistent power type.
  3. Is there anything in this mod pack that will keep chunks loaded? I looked around and couldnt find anything.
  4. I figured he was making fuel for a rocket. Yes a fabricator would not be a good idea if you want oil as the source of your power. Using oil for power is too much of a pain in the arse imo.
  5. nevermind i think i know now. i am assuming the items come in through the export cables, but if they come in through the interface thats my problem. Need to set the top spot to import both items. either way, i think that put me on the right path.
  6. i am using two exports and one import. I think that is my issue based on your setup. i'll try that tonight. Thanks! Still new to AE.
  7. A much easier alternative to what he is doing? How is that not relevant?
  8. I cannot get this to work. I have and interface with two export buses and one import bus going to the Induction Furnace. I am trying to make hardened glass. I have tried every color combination on it and it will not load the materials. Sometimes when i cycle through the colors it will randomly make one. Please help!
  9. bio reactors with a tree farm work well for me. I pump the excess wood into steam engines for more juice. Nothing is wasted. Credit xxxlostone for the idea.
  10. command line wont come up on turtles in the new update. Thanks Teraku, I just do that i guess.
  11. To make the AE stuff you need both certus and nether quartz. Power is not the issue, its the lava taking over the hole. I get power through an energy tesseract. The quarry wont drill through lava.
  12. How can i run a quarry in the nether and keep the lava down? Do i have to use oil source blocks all the way around? I would just use a mining turtle but looks like the latest update broke it. I need the quartz for AE.
  13. how can i slow down the flow of items out of a chest into a machine? i used to do this with a redstone timers but now the redstone engines wont pull an item out with unless the signal is constant. Sorry this may be a nub question.
  14. Wolf is one of my favorites if you like crazy mountain biomes.
  15. If you want a condenser, keep playing tekkit classic? Way over powered.
  16. Been experimenting with adding some mods to Tekkit, now Tekkit Lite. So far I've added Mo'Creatures and MutantCreatures but I am looking to add a few more. I ran out of things to build in Tekkit so I am trying to make the world a bit more interesting by increasing the chaos. I am thinking I might try natural disasters next. So I ask, what mods do you add to Tekkit? p.s. The new custom mod feature in the launcher is frikkn off the hook!!! Thanks Technic Dev people.
  17. i was able to get it to work. Download the current versions of mo creatures, mob spawner and guiapi. On the client side, add guiapi to your custommods.jar or minecraft.jar in the bin folder. add the zips for mob spawner and mo creatures to your mods folder. On the server side, add the same zips for mob spawner and mo creatures to your mods folder. Wah-la.
  18. I was able to get it working last night. Download the latest CustomMobSpawner, MoCreatures and GUI-API. Add GUI-API to your client minecraft.jar in the %appdata% directory. Add CMS and MOC to the mods folder. On the server side, all you need to do is add CMS and MOC to the mods folder. Cool having Tekkit Lite with the latest version of MoCreatures.
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