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  1. So server's...gone? This is so hard to bear for me as this was my favorite server to play on with Tekkit Lite. (Until the 2014 started as I had school) One question: Is this server going to be replaced by another one? This is the only modpack server I have known to give so much freedom such as, griefing and raiding. I enjoyed playing with the players on this server such as Adam, the person with mpf- which I don't know how to spell, Cookiemonster and others. I hope the admins and owners will create another server similar to this. Staff has always been friendly great. And lastly, thank you to the owner for creating such a wonderful server for people looking for a new experience.
  2. Hey Server, apparently, there is a problem with the item called Chunk Loader. When I place it on a block it will disappear almost immediately. There was no pop-up in the chat indicating it is a banned item. I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible.
  3. Omg! The server is back up? Yesssssssss! It is kinda of sad the map had to be reset. Have to wait until exams are over to start playing.
  4. Is the server down? I would love to play on this server as it's hardcore and there is no banned items. Hope the server goes up soon!
  5. IGN: DeathMordekai Age: 10 Interests: Building, machines and stealing. Playstyle: Raiding and griefing(I only break blocks to get in if theres no door) What brought you here?: The server allows PVP and griefing. Hidden Keyword: Is it (?)
  6. Age: 11 IGN: DeathMordekai Do you have Teamspeak or Skype?: No Why do you want to play?: Whitelist servers are really great when I tried one of them and it was fantastic. The idea of competitive play also interests me What do you know?: Redpower, Buildcraft, Basics of Applied Energistics, IC2, EE 3, Basics of Thermal Expansion, Balkon's Weapon Mod, Ender Storage, Iron Chests, Tree Capitator, NEI, Rei's Minimap, Wireless Redstone, Nether Ores How long have you been playing: For one year
  7. Not able to connect to the server, just keeps on saying connecting to the server.
  8. IGN: DeathMordekai Country: Singapore Tekkit Experience: I have been playing Tekkit for one year, so I have experience with the old mods. Do you have a Mic?: No Are you able to use Teamspeak: No Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: Trying out whitelisted servers and this is one of them.
  9. Hey Totalfury, I just realised that I couldn't connect even with the latest version of Tekkit Lite. After trying to connect to the server, there would be a report where I would be told that I needed some items such as Thaumcraft and XLBiomes. If you are adding mods to this server, please tell us where to get them or give them in a pack.
  10. TotalFury, I have been teleported to some unknown village, did the server restart?
  11. You know what TotalFury? I regret my decision. I didn't know my ways could annoy people that much. I'll promise that I'll raid once in a while instead of rapidly raiding Please, I have no other servers to join
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