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  1. Name: Christer Minecraft Username: christer98 Age: 14, soon 15 in the 15,6, 2013 Preffered Tekkit Mod: dont know the name, but its huge sorting machines for big areas, and settup with industrial machines. Are you banned in any server(Y/N): i got banned from a server because: i had like a huge factory, and i got 16 sorting machines and many items was going in the redtubes, and i got a big quarry (64x64) , and all the ores was going to some machines. 2 machines for 1 ore, like: iron 1 was going into an upgrades maserator, and than into an industrial furnace, than into the sorting system, and
  2. lol, are u guys just waiting for the server to gettin up again, cuz i play at other server(not giving any IP for adversting), but i will join this server when its online again. but, u should just give emolg the time he need to do what he have to do.
  3. it has gone like 3 days since i posted my last post, and nobody of the admins have answered it!
  4. emm, the owners should check the forum more, cuz, you dont answer us in like 2-4 days after we writed it, pls do something with it, its not for complaining, pls and the server is down again
  5. can u pls just do /unban christer98 pls, i have waited for 4 days to play on your server! pls
  6. kk, but i dont think its temp ban, cuz ive been banned for like 4 days now.
  7. can someone say too emolg or thor or someone admin that they are gonna get into the forum and see what ive typed to them!!!!
  8. and my name is christer98 pls do something soon, want a server to play on, and non of the servers ive been into, isnt so good as this, pls!!!!!!
  9. hey, i have playd on the server for a while, and i was talking to a guy(dont know hes name) and he was learning me somthing, so i typed "ok" and "kk" some few times, than i got banned, pls unbann me pls!!!!!!; i realy liked that server, it is not many server that is so god like this one, PLS!!!!;
  10. The server is down again. Why does the server have so much downtime??
  11. um, no, but it was before december incase, cuz i was on holiday before december and come home for 2 days ago
  12. yes, i agree with that u are saying, but i don't understand why the staff took my other stuff, that was NOT banned, and not the item/s that WAS banned, it give no sense to take my diamond block, energy link, quarry and my 2 geothermal. i just dont understand it!?!?!?!
  13. can u pls unban me, dont know why im banned, my name is christer98 if u know why, can i have a reason
  14. morbloodeth, wath's going on is that u or 1amMiranda(The only admin/owners that was online now) was TP-ed to me and one of u was trowing dinamite on me, than they took my stuff that i had in my condenser that i got from my collecters, but..., back to the point, one of them jailed me of using telleport pipe, but, what they took, was my quarry, energy link, 2 geotermals generators, but not the items that was banned, (i know it cuz the un jailed me, and jailed me again), it had to be one of them, it was the only players that was admin/owner/OP
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