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  1. here is the new forum page http://militantservers.proboards.com/ register there, right now we are in a state of transition you will see on the forums when the server is ready for public access, note we are also going to have a Feed the Beast server, and shortly will be hosting DayZ as well
  2. OK good news...the server now has DynaMap, for those who don't know what that is go here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/dynmap/ in short its a live dynamic web-based map
  3. hey Craven90 you have been whitelisted for a while....sorry for the slow response here but I dont watch these forums as much as the actual server forums...If you log into the forums you will see that I replied indicating that you are now whitelisted
  4. ok first go to http://militantcraft.proboards.com and register so your officially on the server (you never actually registered on the forums) next we just underwent a massive permissions update and a few plugins were re-configured so some people have reverted to the entry state of not being able to build...once your registered Ill return your build permissions
  5. Ingame Name: IraqiMilitant Reason of joining: looks like a nice change from the normal high-pop PvP servers I play on Experience:playing minecraft since alpha, ran multiple Tekkit servers, lots of experience in IC2 and Buildcraft Age:22 Favorite mod:IC2
  6. Name: IraqiMilitant IRL Name: Kyle Age:22 What do you wish to accomplish?:build a industrial empire Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? extensively, have run a few servers, very familiar with almost every aspect of Tekkit/Buildcraft/IC2 what is the purpose of a macerator? grind ore or ingots into dust for crafting (1 ore=2 dust so is also used to increase mining yield) Recommendations(if you been invited):no Others things i should know:nil
  7. MilitantCraft is a dedicated server, in which players will have their choice of worlds in which to live and thrive. We encourage faction PvP but we will protect those who wish to build in peace. It will however be a challenge to expand across the land and develop your industrial empire, regardless of how you play. Remember like the real world, if you push to hard someone will push back. Ok cool! but now for the details: there are currently 2 worlds for you to discover: Skylands: a world without a bottom, a series of floating islands, lots of opportunities for real interesting constructs (consider using a redpower frame to build that flying machine)...just remember that no bottom makes mining much more....interesting. Standard Survival: This is your standard Tekkit world (bottom included), and this is where the meat of the PvP action will take place (explained later). This is also where you will find the cities, and developed regions. PvP on MilitantCraft: PvP on MilitantCraft is based around the factions plugin, supported by WorldGuard. We have several pre-made cities in which you can find basic services, and some land to rent/buy. Each city (excluding the starting city) have factions associated with them. These factions are in perpetual contest for lands, however the cities themselves are protected by WorldGuard regions such that the main factions can NEVER lose everything...you can always push back. There is also a city which remains neutral, in that PvP between it and other factions is disabled. The Acolytes of the Admin (AOA) is a faction for those who wish to build in relative peace. Players are also welcome to venture out and start their own factions...but know that we cannot guarantee your survival. Basic Server Info: address: mc03.serverminer.com:25648 uptime: 24/7 with daily resets, and occasional maintenance slots: 40 (hoping to increase if server has enough interest) Website: http://militantcraft.proboards.com Banned Items: Energy Condensor,all rings (except swiftwolf's rending gale), mining laser,EE super destruction tools(catalytic lens etc), gem armor, red matter weapons note: there are some items you do not get access to immediately (ex. buildcraft Pipes) Staff: Owner: IraqiMilitant Moderators: jackalope12345, 666Corey666, alexmillham, jeepcambo How do I Join? First off, feel free to simply connect and look around. You, however will not have build permissions. To really become a part of the server just head on over to our forums and register there, and post in the build permissions request thread...a moderator will give you permissions ASAP. Important Plugins Installed: CensorShop ChatManager Citizens ClearLag ColoredSigns DeathTpPlus DupeStopper EnchantAnything EnchantShops Factions Essentials(Spawn) IgnoreChat LagMeter minequery MobBountyReloaded (how people earn money) Modifyworld (Main item banner) multiverse (all) Noitem (Another item banner) NoLagg (Everything is disabled I just use the lag graph) Permissionsex (Very smooth and clean permissions) I use inheritance with all groups like my banned items or banned spawn. PvpReward (Earn Money for killing players) PvPTimer (New Players get 1 hour of god mode when they start) rsp (Region permissions) ScheduledAnnouncer (Broadcast) ShowCaseStandalone (Best system to sell items) BuyRegion skylandsplus SpawnGuard Stargate VanishNoPacket Vault Welcome Rulez WorldBorder (will expand as the server does, just to prevent people from running for days in 1 direction) WorldEdit WorldGuard Pictures: The Temple of the Acolytes of the Admin The City of Qohor, worshipers of the Lord of Light City of the Builders of Jtown there are three of the pre-made cities, I will leave the last for your discovery...as well as the landmarks you may find around the world Now go forth and starve the land of its resources!
  8. I picked it up, the potential for a fantastic game is there...but they need to fix a few things to get there
  9. well i just put the .lua file on the server so in startup i just code shell.run("multiLock.lua",arg) where arg is my lock level (atm 1,2 or 3)
  10. perfect, just what i was looking for these computers are going in areas where only mods and admin have build/destroy rights so easy enough to prevent access via disk drive just moved away from keycards and am using a multi-security level login system on startup cheers, thanks
  11. I run a tekkit server and i would like to run a computer keycard system for access to areas. I have no problems with the programming...my problem comes in the fact that anyone can access the computer, hold ctrl-T then use the redstone api to open the door turn on the factory etc. Does anyone know of a way to limit peoples interaction with a computer block such that only I can interact directly with the computer? and anyone i want to allow access can simply toss in the keycard and they will be permitted entrance thanks in advance
  12. first id like to say this is awesome!! but I have a small problem, the server wont stop generating ocean worlds...nothing but water as far as the eye can see upon spawn. any help would be greatly appreciated edit-> its a spawn world...woops on another note anyone else having a problem where the lwc commands ( /lock /cprivate etc) arent working properly? getting [LWC] Internal error. Notify an admin immediately
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