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  1. Name: Bob Minecraft Username: SSJSuperVegetto Age: 26 Your long term minecraft project: It has been different but i made a giant crane ones which was able to move and dig out large areas.But my goal is to build a large factory where anything can be build and ordered. fully automated this is my personal project i wish to build. I prefer all the techy stuff and if the server can use any help with this im happy to help. Why you want to play on this server: Since its a white listed server i assume its a trust worthy server and small group. This to me sounds like it could be a fun group to play with and maybe build stuff together. A small group also means easier helping out of another. This sounds good to me.
  2. I would like to apply as a staff member. Age:25 Name: Bob IGN: SSJSuperVegetto Country: Netherlands Time Zone: Central European Time (CET) Why We Should Pick you? Because i like to have a good time on a server where staff members actually listen to you when there are problems. I would like to do the same thing for other people as well. Help them out whenever there are problems of any kind. Also working on projects to improve server experience or looks when people join the server i would like to contribute and help build those structures. Experience you Have? I have no experience but i learn very quickly and i´m willing to learn it to help this server. One Word that describes you? Curious/Studious Gender: Male
  3. This is what you send me Totalfury: SSJSuperVegetto you have been whitelisted, enjoy (: When i try to join i can't it says not whitelisted:O
  4. In Game Name: SSJSuperVegetto Age: 25 Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned? I have never been banned. Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? Cause it ads so much more fun to minecraft and experimenting and creating machines. Its so much fun! Why this server? It seems to me that this is going to be a very fun server to play in. Just building and cooperating with other people maybe. Open servers usually involves a lot of people that grief and destroy your houses. This seems to be free of that.
  5. Hey, i'm very much interested in joining. IGN: SSJSuperVegetto Why: I love playing tekkit and be creative. This server is small so hopefully i can build amazing stuff here. I also like to cooperate with other players which makes it a lot more fun!
  6. In game name: SSJSuperVegetto Age: 25 Have you been banned: Not ever. Why would you like to play on this server: Cause it has lot of mods and its protected so it seems like a friendly server where you can build withouth other people destroying your stuff so its fun to build with lots of other people using the tekkit lite ! Thats why i would like to join.
  7. Hello, I want to start my own server but i can't seem to find a download for linux? Is this right? Kind Regards, Bob Rots
  8. Hi there! I would very much like to join the server what is the ip an can you add me to the whitelist? I'm looking for a reliable server with all the fun of tekkit in it!
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