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  1. Re: SCANDIC Tekkit Survival Server [NEW!] [Factions] [PvP] [semi-Anarchy] I'm not one to play on servers with "factions" since factions can prevent griefing/looting, but either way, "end of stream error". Guessing this isn't up to date yet.
  2. I'd join, but I really miss EE condensers... I'm obsessed with regeneration in games. I'd love to make an automatic machine that automatically refills all the furnaces, and exports all of its content into a chest. Only EE can make this happen in combination with redpower.
  3. I wish you had kept EE, but disabled all those stupid rings. EE condensers were amazing combined with IC2, and redpower.
  4. PVP. why? Because killing kids, and making them pissed off is fucking hilarious. Griefing there bases and taking all of there items is funny as hell. It's going to happen to everyone, even the ones who pvp/grief. It's a risk-taking server, where you risk death and are forced to restart, aswell as they are on death/grief. The way I see 'no pvp no griefing', are how faggots behave. They don't fight, they don't touch fire, everything is either perfect, or it's Anarchy for them. See the resemblance?
  5. I'm sure he disabled EE because the rings are retarded, and It's a bug-full mod that involves map corruptions, and regular crashing. "So your browsing the Technic forums and looking for a cool server to play on loosing hope fast." You spelt "losing" wrong.
  6. What the shit? I double posted..Well, at least I can post something useful. I'm pretty sure it's the Java build. Ever since I got the latest build, my game renders all the chunks, and then trys to un-render them at snails pace causing me to get 0.1fps if I move. This also has been happening in Minecraft.
  7. I'm also getting the same problem. Cannot open the .exe's. I have the latest java v6 Update 31 and I cannot run the server.jar, though I can run the client.jar. No problem there, but I'd like to setup a local server for myself, and a few friends. Windows XP 32bit Service pack 2 (Fuck sp3) AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor 3.21Ghz, 3.25GB of RAM Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 9800GT If not having Service Pack 3 is my problem, then I'll be losing quite a lot of stuff just for a local server on tekkit. No problems were found in the DirectX diagnostic tool. The regular Minecraft.exe works, so
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