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  1. I liked this server a lot because it was simple and it wasn't crowded. Is it coming back up soon?
  2. Howdy, I'm defiantly going to be roaming around this server! Looks fun! Awesome plugins too. Age: 23 Name: Kaytee (Seriously, that's my real name) IGN: KayteeG Country: USA Time Zone: UTC- Eastern Time Why We Should Pick you? I am a mature level headed individual. I don't start fights, and I don't feed trolls if they try and start one with me or others. I am also eager to help others. Experience you Have? I've been a mod on another server, but only for a week or so. I guess that's not much experience, is it? But I'm eager to learn and gain experience. One Word that describes you? Kind Gender: Female There are a lot of people asking to be staff, so I doubt that I'll get chosen. But that's alright. I'll still look forward to playing and meeting people on the server. Hope to see you soon!
  3. So I log on this morning, and a member by the name of KingRizla says that the sever was hacked. Nukes were used to destroy spawn. David's house was destroyed too. According to King, he said two players with names (or similar names) of Padiwago and Waddigi were saying things like "jizzing on spawn" or something to that extent. He also mentioned they "kicked" him before he could screen shot them. He gave me a time of when it happened, 3:34GMT +1. I can't access console data (least I don't think I can) so David, I leave that to you. Not even sure if this all matters, but just thought I would report it to you anyway.
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