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  1. Hey, Trent! This is Euth with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  2. chris delete this form its not right cant u see the rest of the forms...
  3. IGN: trentgga Age: 13 Why Horizon: Sounds like a server where its safe to build anything i want with out the chance of losing it all, as much as other servers. What is your goal on the server: to make a great base while making cool custom stuff to sell at (spawn???) shops. I would also like to whitelist my friends, chrisharris221 and mattcole4535 (Mr.ColeSlaw i call him). We all have the same goal, to sell custom tools and weapons at a shop, somewhere near players. if i cant whitelist with the same account ill have them make an account if the server is as good as it seems ;D.
  4. can i join? i already have my teammate its either a guy named zachhalo1 or colt965/firephoenix3434. my minecraft is trentgga and ill come back to reply to this to tell you who is joining
  5. ummm server bug? i cant think of anything else. and you are the first form iv seen on here NOT being a white-listed server...
  6. trent200164


    skype: trent200164 i got a phone version of skype is that fine??? i cant add u either because of the phone version being new and buggy so IDK where anything is age: 12; age-most-people-think-i-am: 14-16 my voice is deeper than u think
  7. the website doesnt work for the mod pack just some text comes up just so you know!
  8. Age:14 In Game Name:trentgga Do you have teamspeak or skype?: yes i have skype, but only on my phone. so my friend can have a group chat of 3+. Why do you want to play?: I always liked how the yogscast did their minecraft modded servers (Ie:tekkit, voltz). i just want to build a nice factory, shop along with it. making jaffas, mining ores, and just having being worry-less while doing it. what do you know?: im good at understanding and remembering what i need for things, my friend knows how to program computers on CC. together we ran a good town on a tekkit lite server till we got our first people and they were just "who cares what it looks like and what we do u can fix it later" and me and him left the server. How long have you been playing?: it depends, if its all the tekkits then about 6 months, just tekkit lite then that would be about 4 weeks. also nice mod pack hoping to get accepted in! If i can put up info for my friend later then if you accept my form please tell me, he doesnt have an account on this yet and hes a bit forgetful at times.
  9. server closed... does that mean the server is gone or just restarting
  10. well where is the mod pack download? i cant join because im useing the standard technicpack tekkit so im still in 1.4.7 ur in 1.5.1 so i cant join AND ur website isnt real/up so i cant do anything but look for a new server
  11. is the server down??? i cant join it says "cant connect"
  12. ill join, i can play regularly unless im out camping thats mostly like 1 FULL day at the most, but in 11 days im going to be gone for 10 days camping just because, but after that ill always be on. name:trentgga im going to get my other friend to post a thread soon, can he just use me to make his thread or does he have to make a new account???
  13. will also be posting 1 more friends request for the white list for im making a youtube
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