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  1. IGN- ultraolive Time I have played- When you could hardly mine (in minecraft) How often do I play- about 6-12 hours a week Age- 16 About me- I think we should just stay friends, Have a youtube and would love to record on your server! my youtube is 32-Bit Gaming
  2. Name- ultraolive Age- 16 Experience- Basically beat tekkit by almost getting everything you can in the game. Reason to join- Want to record for my youtube channel with a friend of mine and someone else (like you) What can I do?- I can build, explore, create and inspire you! Yo name- whitest0rm Info about me- Australian, Into the arts and design. I want to get big on youtube one day. Location- Australia +10 About me?- I think we should just be friends. Rules- My friends, we can work together!but if you destroy my house with tnt, don't expect me to be merciful. so yes I do agree P.S. I
  3. IGN- ultraolive Age- 16 Fav Mod- Morph mod What I do on servers- Build, Roleplay, Explore Why I want to join- I am planing to record on the server for my youtube account Skype- Yes Colour- Red (the colour of bloooood...... =D)
  4. I want to play so bad please let me I always wanted to do this. i'm 15 and am good at VoltZ I have a mic yes. please let me into the server
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