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  1. -age 14 -timezone and country of residence canada pacific -experience with minecraft/voltz (just so i know, im not a genius myself) moderate experience -what attracts you to my idea/server it looks like what i have been searching for for a long time -are you willing to group up with others or me or are you a lone wolf yes i perfer to team up with people but if it comes to the point where no one will take me i will nuke every1 and give them radiation poisining -do you think that you understand my views about the difference between stupid grief and just fun pvp? yes
  2. MC Account Name:craftedkiller How long have you been playing Minecraft? 1 year How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? since it came out What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) fair Why do you want to play on the server? i want to play on this server because im looking for a server with a good comuinity and looking to have some fun What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? join up with some1 and dominate the world
  3. Team Name: craftageddon Name:craftedkiller If more than one member, Names: Why should you join?: i know the basics and i am looking for a good voltz server Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: yes and that dose not matter Add me on skype: craftedkiller
  4. note: posting for a friend IGN: Trevor_schissel Age: 13 Location: U.S.A Kansas Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Hunt and Explore
  5. IGN: craftedkiller Age: 13 Location: somewhere in canada Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? build and create with exploring also if you want to add me on skype my skype name is craftedkiller(i would perfer if the members in the town i would join have skype)
  6. i would like to join your server i do not have any recording system nor dose any recording system work for my computer. i do not have very much experience playing voltz but im learning quickly. i am 13 but very mature. so if there is any more slots open i would love to join. also i do not care which team i am on if it there is no open team and u would let me join i would work alone. if you could email me the ip and weather or no im in the server that would be great. IGN: craftedkiller email: [email protected]
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