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  1. APPLICATION IGN: Rockzilla99 Age: 15 Why I want to be apart of the server: I'm looking for a server where there are good people who dont just kill each other just cause. Am I familiar with Attack of the B-Team: Yes I am familiar with most of the mods in it. What mods am I the best at: All tech mods, tinkers constructs, Sync Will you respect other player,stuff, and Builds: Yes, most defiantly How long have I played Minecraft: Since 1.5 beta Have I ever made it into any other whitelisted servers: Yes, I have been on all kinds of servers, modded and not. I also was a co-owner on a server, but it got shut down because we ran out of money. How much will you be able to play: I Cant allways play each day, but i will be on for a few hours each time. What is my Skype: rockzilla99
  2. When Ever I start Up B-Team, I have Extreme lag. Its not my computer, because all other mod packs don't give me lag problems. Is it something that commonly happens, or what? I would like some help.
  3. that's why I couldn't connect! thanks. I was starting to get worried
  4. Username: rockzilla99 Age: 15 Why Tekkitopia? I have been on many servers of many different kinds, and I am constantly bugged by little kids asking for items, cursing, generally being a big pain. I am hoping I can finally find a mature server were I can build, in peace, and enjoy my self. Secret Code: 11roc
  5. i tryed disabling my antivirus, and redownloading the pack. it did the same thing. i had console open so if you want the logs from i can give it to you.
  6. im do not know what server you are talkign about sorry. i can so the others though
  7. i know this is not were bugs go, but the website says i dont have promision to post on the bug forum. When i try to start tekkit main, it loads to the mojang screen then waits five mins then crashes. i have tracked it down to be the new version of power suits. in many of the modpacks i use, it works with the old power suits, thent he new get added, and it no longer works. 2 of the modpacks for exsample are, Lapitos glaticraft and the ionic war pack. its not my java ive tryed that all ready. here is the error log i hope some on can help me. *crashdump stolen by Crashdump Gnomes*
  8. not what im having, its onyl with the tekkit pack ntohing else
  9. Every time i try to login into the tekkit modpack it loads to the mojang screen then crashes, what happening? I also heard about a lwjgb patch. But in total can some oen help me fix this?
  10. hey guys, this is directed toward the owner, may i have a old save of the tekkit world, i still want to hve my house and all, it took for ever to make. and also will the server ever go back to tekkit/and or tekkit lite?
  11. i just ryed to join and it said cant reach server
  12. jdjack, i am joining now, on 4/15/2013 10:15 PM standard time. i have been looking for a good volts war serevfr for a long time and i hope this one works
  13. i am very good with Industrial craft. and i can help setup the power grid. Btw I can help set up Better power generators for you.