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  1. LOLOL Witchin' it Up!

  2. Was that .zip file you were using a Winrar .zip file? Just wondering cuz I tried what you did and it still had not worked when I launched it, and the only other thing I can think of that may be wrong is either the modpack or the link...
  3. Speaking of Dropbox, I can't seem to find a way to get the direct link for my mod pack's zip file. Anyone know how? And I'm running this on Windwos 7, if that helps anything.
  4. Mann. At. WORK. ;D I'm starting to get the girly giggles of excitement though so that makes me look a lot less mannleh...

  5. Getting confused about all this modpack hosting stuff. Hopefully someone can tell me soemthing other than "Oh there is a forum page about hosting your modpack" and not give a link. Lol. The internet these days :3

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    2. MM1001


      the config page

    3. dwwojcik


      Well then I don't know why it isn't working. It works fine for me.

    4. MM1001


      How do YOU get the direct link for a file on Dropbox? Special buttons to press? Copy/paste something?
      Cause I have a good feeling I just dont have the "direct downlaod link"

  6. I feel like the wrecking ball Miley Cyrus' naked body was riding. So in short, I feel awkward and like a 20+ year old's ass is on my head.

  7. So when I load up a world with the Sphax texture pack for AOTBT (64x64 version of the pack) the game shutsdown and says it ran out of memory. please help. If u can give me your e-mail i can send the log through that.
  8. Fuffle-time floaty-floats. Nuff said.

  9. Is that all? Btw: Nice Signature XD
  10. So i know how to hatch a dragon and all but I can't figure out how to make it obey me. There is no specific item and I can not find any wiki's for the mod that are up to date. Please help.
  11. Just joined a server for AOTBT and am loving it! Except for the lag... but hey: all servers got to have SOME lag right? ;)

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    2. MM1001


      Weird cause tekkit works fine for me on 1GB and my computer is fine it's windows 7 and has plenty of storage space and a good graphics card. Also, I have all my settings in the options menu in-game set to lag-reducing choices yet I still get lag. Anything else you can suggest besides new computer and updating Java?

    3. TonyVS


      I did read that unless you have 64 bit java installed the launcher will not let you choose above 1 GB. I run my server with 4GB and my launcher with 6GB and 200 Mods and I have never had any issues.

    4. MM1001


      Ok I will try to get Java 64 bit. Thanks for the help :D

  12. YES!!! MY problem is fixeD!!! HUGE thanks to Munaus and palden1810!!!

    1. palden1810


      Hey man, no problem, glad I could help!

  13. I looked for one and could not find one : Thanks for the help though.
  14. Does anyone know how to hatch an egg properly using dragon mounts?? I can't find any up-to-date information anywhere and my internet is running terribly slow atm. :S
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