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  1. so does the new launcher have the tekkit with all the extra animals like horses and whatnot? if not can i get it/ and how?

  2. Whenever I hear "olloth" I think of sloth. Cool.

  3. So YOU are the one who made those Lunchers?? :o

    Fix this guys problem


  4. You got promoted too?

    1. Munaus


      It's Spreading!! :O IT got Canvox, now it got this guy! Someone should quarantine this place!!
    2. Olloth


      me not being red was just an oversight, I have been on the team and made the launcher and stuff for months now
  5. Here's a question, it says that the DNS is being updated and that posts will be deleted. Are we allowed to do a few non-drastically offensive grief posts?

  6. Citizens messes with internals of the minecraft/bukkit server in order to function if I'm not mistaken. It's somewhat hacky. If it ever works on this it will probably have to be rewritten specifically for it.
  7. Olloth a mod? God help us all.

  8. Olloth

    Incipient Wetness Impregnation

    gROSss you are gross
  9. Olloth

    Wants to join small server

    [img width=1000]
  10. Olloth

    Wants to join small server

  11. Olloth

    Wants to join small server

    ok try
  12. Olloth

    Domain name :tenbux:
  13. Olloth

    startd drawing

    sry cant rwite jus pics
  14. Olloth

    The Gates of Argonath

    kakermix told me id be banned if i didnt say that :(
  15. Olloth

    The Gates of Argonath

    athazagoraphobia what does it feel like to be a fuckin idiot