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  1. Sct already said this isn't even a minecraft mod, it's a little game that he was messing with making. However it's worth mentioning that someone made the same mistake you did, thinking it was a mod and threw it in their modpack without even checking. Pretty hilarious when we found out.
  2. hexxit is actually just a social experiment to see what would happen in this thread
  3. look at me i'm kakermix. vicariously
  4. it's for a launcher update, I'm going to put everything in the universal alphabet so that it is multi-language by nature to appease our non-english speaking players
  5. It's not actually java at all. It's purely lwjgl natives for apple and apple having weird non-standard rendering issues. The natives for lwjgl are written in normal languages that compile specifically for the platform, not java, hence the term natives. But what do I know, I'm just a software developer.
  6. Hahahah I don't. I reverted the lwjgl stuff sorry guys. I had memorial weekend and then some personal stuff to take care of this week. Soon I will add the option of changing your lwjgl version so people who need 2.9 to run minecraft at all can get it, and people who need 2.8.4 to not be upside down can get that one, and people who have both problems are still screwed because LWJGL is just broken sorry Mac is dumb. Full disclosure on the upside down issue: This was missed in testing because it is ONLY if you run an Intel Integrated GPU and were on LWJGL 2.9 (which I forced everyone to). The OTHER Mac problem, where you needed java 6 and java 7 didn't work, REQUIRES LWJGL 2.9. Which means, I have a problem. Because I have to provide at least 2 different LWJGL versions for mac users of multiple configurations, and don't have a mac to test things on, especially not one with an integrated GPU.
  7. Java 7/mac support is now in the launcher, in the form of an update to lwjgl 2.9. Mojang is waiting until Minecraft 1.6 to update LWJGL but I did it for you all early! It also comes with some performance improvements on Mac/Linux as well. You should no longer need to downgrade to java 6 on OSX.
  8. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE Java 7/mac support is now in the launcher, in the form of an update to lwjgl 2.9. Mojang is waiting until Minecraft 1.6 to update LWJGL but I did it for you all early! It also comes with some performance improvements on Mac/Linux as well. You should no longer need to downgrade to java 6 on OSX.
  9. Fixed this bug (again). I also have fixed it when you select the launcher install directory, the launcher change directory, and the modpack change directory. I just messed up bad and forgot the modpack install directory. Build will be promoted to stable and it will automatically roll out, no work needed on your part for updating. Build #236
  10. Alright. The reason it asks for an install location outside of .technic is there is an option for custom modpacks to require the installation to be outside .technic. This is because some mod authors like checking your computer for .technic and then crashing or breaking things. I can try and make it more clear what sort of folder structure you need to select though. It's a little confusing. It did indeed let me select AppData which is a problem I will fix right now. However, it also did ask me when I pressed the red minus, Yes or No, and in the Yes or No message it said "This will delete everything in C:/redactedfolders/AppData/ so I believe you probably just clicked through without reading it. I'm absolutely positive that window pops up. In any case, I will be fixing the AppData folder issue right now. Thanks for the report. Sorry about the mess and confusion/frustration.
  11. What exactly did you do? You installed the launcher yesterday (Should be build #224) You installed a custom pack (If you can link me the pack that might help, just to be sure I'm testing the same way) You selected the AppData folder as the install location. The pack installed, I assume. Then you, did what? Did you press delete? Or reset pack? Or use the options to try and move the folder? Or something else? If you can remember all the exact steps and I check if it can be reproduced and fix it. I'm sorry this happened, as long as you're willing to keep helping me get to the bottom of this I'll get it fixed. I am quite embarrassed and mad at myself that this happened, trust me.
  12. It would, but the end of march I prevented people from selecting folders that have anything inside them anymore. So he had to have selected AppData before march 31st, and then ALSO ignored the message that popped up that said "This will delete everything in *folder path* Are you sure?" If he didn't get that message, or it let him select a folder that had stuff in it after march 31st, then he's either on an old launcher build, or I actually have a bug I didn't know about. Otherwise, it's just personal error on his part. I am still very sorry that this bug ever existed but I did everything in my power to make it fixed. Unfortunately there is no good way to go back and check on peoples folder structure and "know" if it's in a dumb place or not. That is why I added the message "This will delete everything in *folder path* Are you sure?"
  13. When did you install the launcher? It should have popped up a confirmation window telling you which folder would be deleted.
  14. Have you tried more than once? That is mojangs server. Does this link work for you?
  16. IC2 is a piece of crap and it's dead jim. Everything it does is done better by other mods.
  17. My fix appeared to work for when you change the install directory for the last few weeks, so now that I have implemented the same fix for individual pack install locations we should be safe. I'm very sorry this happened. Please continue to report it if it somehow happens again in Builds #221 or later, which has just been promoted. Thank you for the information.
  18. It looks like I fixed it for the technic launcher install location moving but not the modpack folder install location moving! Oops! I'm fixing it right now sorry about that. Hopefully this will be the last I see of this nasty bug. :(
  19. It just doesn't work on OSX with Java 7. You will have to install java 6. See the sticky at the top of this forum.
  20. I don't understand no. If it's the same launcher you've been using for 2 years maybe you need to try downloading the new one from
  21. Yeah sorry, minor bug when you run it the first time somehow it only loads tekkit lite. I'm going to fix that today but it's just a visual thing, running it again fixes it as you noticed. EDIT: It's fixed, thanks for reminding me.
  22. Yeah it's an apple issue, there is a long running thread on the LWJGL forums where they are basically compiling as much information as they can so that they and apple can fix it.