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  1. No idea how to mess around with tekkit, but Thaumcraft taint spread should have an option to be disabled in the config files, and any mo'creatures mob can be disabled in game. Should be Esc, global mod options, mo'creatures, and the rest should be obvious from there.
  2. You should be able to hold shift and then place the cable on the reactor normally. Anything with an interface that opens with right click will open the interface instead of placing the block in your hand if you aren't holding shift, not just nuclear reactors.
  3. Zaik

    EE and Tekkit

    Tbh collectors, the huge mobius/aeternalis bombs, and destruction catalyst/catalytic lens are the only particularly overpowered parts. If you cut those out the rest is reasonable for it's cost. Some might say the condenser is as well, but thaumcraft's equivalent of it costs much less to duplicate diamonds. Anything else is just exploiting inter-mod interactions like macerating blaze rods/bones to feed into a condenser to create more blaze rods/bones to macerate and condense, the previously mentioned forestry bronze -> BC bronze conversion, etc.
  4. Yep, fixed for me as well, Thanks for the extremely fast help.
  5. I have a Windows 7 64 bit and 64 bit Java(launcher wouldn't run with 32 bit to begin with), This happens to me any time anything is altered in the Options at all. You change whatever it is you're going to change, hit OK, it closes the launcher like normal and...it never comes back. Then you open it again, and it starts to open and disappears again. Then you open it again and it works fine again, however your ram setting is always set back to 1GB.
  6. That doesn't seem any more efficient than just letting it cook all the way to aternalis fuel and then dumping it into an energy condenser.
  7. After playing with EE in SSP, I'm pretty confident the only thing that really needs to be disabled in EE is Nova catalyst/cataclysm, especially in the nether with nether ores enabled and all. I ended up yanking nearly a stack of nether diamonds out of there with one TNT, one mobius fuel, and two aternalis fuel, all of which were made out of coal i'd already dug up by the time I could make a philosopher's stone. Server owners might want to limit the number of energy collectors players get due to performance issues(or at least require they make mk3 collectors/relays before making a new one), but I don't see why it'd need to be outright removed. You can't make a diamond out of 64, or even 512 cobblestone anymore. It's 8194 or something close. The progression seems to mimic buildcraft quarries more now. You dig up 11 diamonds, you make a quarry. Your quarry digs up 11 diamonds, you make another quarry. Your quarries dig up 11 more diamonds, you make another quarry. And so on, and so on.
  8. I had this problem earlier, it was a traffic issue, continue trying and eventually it should go through. If it's still not working tommorrow, then you might have a problem you'd need to post the log file for. Edit: I Just had this problem again putting it on my home PC(it was put on my laptop earlier today), took 7 attempts to get it downloaded properly, but it did go through just fine. You can speed up the attempts by closing it immediately as soon as the progress stops moving. Unless you're on a 56k modem or something crazy these files are too small for it to hang on a % for any noticable amount of time.
  9. May be due to it getting too much traffic, but I figured i'd go ahead and post to see if there was an actual problem, there's a lot of [sEVERE] in the log >.> It always manages to get it partially downloaded, but never completes. It also managed to get my skin from wherever that is kept at, if it matters. Log file is here: http://pastebin.com/pDVhCkQ0 Edit: As I posted this, I managed to download it. It's just a matter of there being too much traffic, I'll leave this here so others having the same problem can see that it's not a launcher issue.
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