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  1. Colonel, we have some excellent news for you. In light of your recent involvement with the Inquisition you have been selected for a highly sensitive mission. Please note that this mission is time critical and top secret; you are to proceed with the utmost haste and discretion. The Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron pack is more than an HQM pack, it's a fully featured world complete with an RPG system based off Fallouts, factions, hundreds of quests, a story, and much more. It features a unified modpack with numerous tech mods, weapons, armor, vehicles, new biomes, and multi-block aircraft.
  2. Added a very short list of plugins which are relevant to players to the OP. . -Plugins: Towny, Worldguard, Essentials, Dynmap and Coreprotect
  3. Had another major update last night. There were big changes to the modpack and the server side stuff so this changelog may be worth reading. CHANGELOG -Added all forges back. Added Reaver titan to forge 5. -You can now cap 2 locations at once. -If an enemy player destroys your flag they take $60 off you. -Added chunk loaders to power plants, redstone and explosives labs. -Updated Forge Blocks mod. -Updated Combat Armor mod. -Scout, Assault, and Power Armor are no longer affected by buffout/adrenochrome. -Nerfed Terminator, Power and Assault armor life. -Added enhanced tooltips to weapons to le
  4. I edited the topic because no one really reads walls of text and the website (https://sites.google.com/site/wh40kbloodandiron/home) describes everything in greater detail anyway. We also added a /back command just for the starter ranks. Even with a constant supply of gear and decent starter stuff new people struggle against guys with assault and terminator armor, so I'm hoping this will help level the playing field a bit.
  5. Updated recently with some major changes. Notably, we made recipes a lot cheaper. I want people to join to fight or build cool stuff (or both), not to dump hours into crafting stuff. I also vastly improved the starter kit and added access to a kit to get ammo and basic supplies every 10 minutes. It's Imperial Guard tier equipment but it still kills people, and its free, so hopefully new players won't have to put in a ton of work just to play. You should actually be able to join and start fighting right away (and stay in the fight), if thats your thing. Anyway, heres the changelog: -Ad
  6. Recently updated the pack and switched to a better server. We also now have a dynmap to help players see which teams holds what areas here: . Here's the changelog: Update -Switched to a better server (IP change) -Added AE -Added nuclear control -Added iron chests (just build obby chests) -Added stationary sniper cannon (immobilizes while being used, used by any armor) -Updated armor mod (poison now goes through armor unless it can resist it)(terminator no longer receives speed or jump buffs) -Buffed Hydra (only real defense/antidote to poison rounds) -B
  7. One of the players on our server, gamerguy, recently put together a video trailer for the server to show off some of the armor, guns and mechs. Check it out here:
  8. Just updated the server to add colored armors and really rebalance vehicles, as they were way too expensive and aircraft were too weak. Also wanted to mention that the forges are done at this point. You can get stuff like armor, guns and ammo very cheap there. Here's the changelog: -forges are done! get much needed items cheaply, and build heavy vehicles/mechs -tooltips to basic combat armors warning NOT to add dye -balance aircraft life -huge vehicle armor rigs WAY too expensive, make all frames/armor rigs less expensive -increase vehicle repair amount and nano-gel cost -incr
  9. Thanks guys, I appreciate that. Wanted to let everyone know the mines were reset today. I added iridium ore and boosted the levels of quartz.
  10. Server IP: Server IP is also saved in our technic pack. Check it out here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wh40k-blood-iron-pack.558927/about 60 slots, 8 gb's of RAM, 24/7, professionally hosted VPS.Fully dynamic battlefield with 100's of capturable regions complete with a map and waypoints. Capture and control mines, power plants, fortresses and more!Starter kits and combat kits. Join and start fighting right away. Stay in the fight with ammo and supply kits!Fight for the forces of Chaos or the Imperium on our battle world, the Bloodgrounds.Live in peace and build a to
  11. Good to see it was brought back. I am looking forward to seeing it in action again.
  12. I was actually going to update to 1.5.1 this weekend when I made the decision to let it go. I figured if people are going to lose everything they have built anyway, and crafters mods and my customization would have to be totally updated/rewritten, its a good time to make an exit. Attendance has been kind of dismal for a while and balance was constantly a huge problem. When I tried to balance teams it would just see-saw. Things went from red being empty to blue being empty, and so on. Likewise when I would try to balance armor, people would just quit cause they couldn't abuse their favorite gim
  13. Updated the install instructions. The previous ones were pretty awful and I hope the new ones are much better. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have difficulties though at [email protected] Again, I apologize for the difficulty in getting our pack installed. However, one of our mods does have a DRM that simulates a redpower crash if the install directory contains ".technic" or ".tekkit". I apologize for this inconvenience but would like to note that the mod itself is definitely worth this little bit of extra effort. We have also been given permission by said mods author to in
  14. All are equal; no discrimination. Bow to no god, kingdom or state.

  15. My internet was down for a couple days so sorry for not being able to check email and stuff. I have decided that we have had enough of the code doors mod. All "ticking entity" errors are due to it, and all instances of people not being able to log in are due to those ticking entity errors. Its a lousy mod, full of bugs and broken mechanics. I will release more info on some of its "features" when I remove it, but I am warning anyone else who uses it on their servers - it is neither stable or secure. DO NOT get that mod. I will be taking it off either tonight or tomorrow. Sadly we do not have an
  16. Here's the changelog from the latest update. Purely server side this time so you don't have to worry about downloading anything. I'm currently looking into making an install video for youtube but in the meantime if anyone has difficulty installing please email me at [email protected] ✘Features ♦Added mob forts. Dungeons which spawn mobs and have a small area to fight through to get some nice loot. ♦Improved mod drops a great deal. You now get significant ammo, uranium, drugs and various armor components, including combat armor repair kits, from them. ♦Made mobs slightly faster. ♦Fin
  17. Here's the changelog from tonights update. TL;DR - we probabaly fixed the crash issues. Get the update on the website as usual, or just use your technic launcher and it should auto-update. ✘Updated Mods ♦Combat Armor (fixed crash and doubled the armor value of combat and power , made repair kits cheaper and made power helm cheaper). ✘Balanced gun pack ♦Balanced heavy bolter ammo. ♦Balanced railgun firing speed (still fast). ♦Made rifles semiautomatic and increased their accuracy. ♦Made the bolter and cycler ARV clip sizes much bigger. ♦Made the vindicator more accurate. ♦Made 20mm
  18. Found out what was causing the errors. We are going to provide a quick patch for it tonight to keep it from happening but will still have an update this weekend to add some new content.
  19. Ralyx the server does not have an error log for this so it must have only happened to your client. It's probabaly from fallen beasts codedoors, a really poor mod that I wish I would have never used. Send the pic to me as an attachment in an e-mail. [email protected]
  20. The server is 1.4.7 so if you accidently updated you will have to delete your launch folder and re-download stuff. Do not download the latest "update" If you are asked to by mojang.
  21. Yet another server update. This one contains some major bug fixes (rails are now working), some aesthetic changes (90% makeover of gun pack sprites) and many new/improved/balanced recipes. Take a look at all the replacements for redpower stuff ranging from red wafers to thermopiles and tubes. Soon all recipes should be integrated under the IC2 tech tree. In addition to these changes new people now start with some more stuff; namely generators, wrenches and electric backpacks. I noticed new people were getting killed right away so I am hoping this gives them the ability to fly away until they c
  22. Changelogs now have an official soundtrack courtesy of Tupac Shakur That's just the way it is. Oh yeah. ✘Added Mods ♦Infernal Mobs ♦Tubestuff ♦Optifine to Technic client ✘Upgraded Mods ♦Industrial Drugs ♦You can now grow all drugs in an ocean biome, including underwater ♦You no longer OD from just 1 drug type, mixing drugs is not recomended (psycho is safe to use now) ♦Seed bug dupe fixed, maybe ✘Defense Blocks ♦Added reinforced rails, levers, buttons and a new item with a novel concept: the self-destruct system! Die with it in your inventory and it deletes all your items inst
  23. Thanks cuoconnell. Btw, there was some glitch with your combat armor and a skeleton arrow (?) that was causing things to crash when you got on. I think I fixed it now but let me know if there are further problems.
  24. Most of the people on here for years are from the US east coast and since none of us are around at night its usually pretty empty past a certain time. We do have some players from Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand though but not nearly as many as our EST players. I'd like to get more people from other timezones but the only person I knew well enough to make an officer is from Germany and has a bad connection. We have another major officer from Holland but currently his hand is broken so he is unable to play. That's not to say I wouldn't be all about making some PST officers/commanders to keep
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