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  1. Hey, I'm the Dimensional Doors creator and I occasionally like to talk to successful server admins about DD. I notice you have removed it completely (which is fine, of course), and was wondering if you might answer a few questions. First of all, why did you remove it? I probably know why, but I like to ask anyway. What features of DD do you think are best for a server, if you could have them 'by themselves'? What would need to change in DD for you to add the mod back? You would be suprised at how many features in DD come from me asking admins. Im not one, so its hard to anticip
  2. Well, you are right partially. I keep track of other dimensions so rifts work in them, but I only try to actually register those worlds if their provider is my pocket provider. If there is a provider ID conflict, then this is what happens. Did you try what I recommend? You could also open up dim_-28.txt, and where it says isPocket or something, change that to false.
  3. Im looking at this right now. There are two things it could be, and I think the most likely is a Dimension Provider ID conflict. Try the following- go into your world save folder, and delete DimensionalDoors/data/dim_-28.txt After that, go into the DD config and change the Pocket Provider ID to something else. See if that permanently fixes it. Its like a blockID conflict, sorta, but for the second, less known part of dimensions.
  4. Hey! In the recent versions of DD, rift spread has been overhauled pretty extensively. I dont think they have made it into Tekkit yet, but they will soon, and should address the issue of rifts not always getting deleted using the rift remover. In addition, you will be able to 'shield' blocks from rifts that cannot be eaten, like iron, etc.
  5. Hey, are you still having trouble with DD dropping people out of the world? It might be that same authorization plugin stopping my mod from building dungeons.
  6. In-game name: StevenRS11 Age: 21 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: More than I'd like to admit. Reason I want to join: Id love to see what you have done with the dim doors dungeons, and hear any suggestions you have for making it better/more user friendly. I like to talk to server managers who have had experience with my mod, to get a better picture of what they use it for.
  7. Hope you figure that lag out- and as for dim doors, you def should go through the config before you enable it. Or, you can wait a bit for me to finish the server mode config I've been working on.
  8. Huh, that seems like a strange thing to cause and EoF error. Anyway, I work with the techic guys pretty frequently (read, nightly) so I can relay some of these issues, and possibly fix them. Any error logs you can provide are always good.
  9. Which is exactly what I would like to avoid. I'd also like to dispel some of the stigma that surrounds lots of dimensions, but to do that I need to make sure that there is no reason for said stigma first!
  10. Oh, no worries. I'm not specifically asking to have it out on or anything, I'm just trying to figure out the general reason server owners don't like dim doors, and improve the experience for people in the future.
  11. Ah, makes sense. I'm actually working on giving dimDoors a "server mode", but having never managed a server myself, I'm looking to you guys for help as to what needs to happen and why dimDoors is tough on servers. Good luck with those fireworks, I while ago I made an EPIC computer craft controlled setup using MFR rednet and auto crafting- I always like vanilla fireworks.
  12. Hmm... the lagspike on loading the pocket dim seems strange. A single pocket contains about the same number of blocks as a single overworld chunk, so they should load almost instantly. Either way, the two things im working on right now might interest you. One, a simple, schedule-able command to delete all dungeons off disk, but preserves the linkData that generated them, to limit disk usage without actually deleting the dungeons. Two, (well, this is already implemented) is that you can disable/enable any crafting recipes in DimDoors and control dungeon loot. I just see lots of servers
  13. Hey, I'm the dim doors author and am looking for reasons why people tend to disable it on servers. I'm trying to make it as server friendly as possible with the last few updates, and there are already lots of config options to remove the ssp- oriented aspects.
  14. Noticed that dim doors got removed- if you tweaked with the configs a bit you might be able to run it without much trouble.
  15. So, any particular reason why dim doors is banned? I've been working on making a specialized "server mode" that makes it more server friendly, and input would be appreciated.
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