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  1. Hey namico, are you sure im whitelisted? I cant connect to the server. I keep getting the error: not whitelisted Regards, Wolfdehulster
  2. Hey, my name is wolf as for my application IGN: Wolfdehulster Age: 23 Why join the server: I love small whitelist server, they have the best community to play minecaft on Skype: Wolfdehulster What would i enjoy: Trying some new mods, maybe in combination to the mods i already know maybe ill see you guys later, greetz wolf PS: at the moment im working so ill only be able to come online in the weekend... mid-september ill be able to play every day though
  3. Name: Wolf Username: wolfdehulster Age: 22 Reasons: Heavy modded minecraft packs are always a new challenge to play with. they help the player discovering new ways of doing old things. I have always loved minecraft. playing tekkit only makes it better. playing tekkit in a multiplayer environment is even better.
  4. Username: wolfdehulster Age: 21 Why Tekkitopia? i'm looking for my first tekkit lite server and this one looked the most promissing Your secret code: 13wol
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