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  1. that may be true that many mods are not stable but rv14 never will be, and will never be finished, that's the difference.
  2. Applied Engergistics rv14 is not technically a stable build some bugs related to crafted are present and were never able to be resolved as such AlgotrithmX2 stopped development on rv14 and moved on to focus on a 1.7 version of A.E. http://ae-mod.info/Announcement/
  3. IGN: Lawrence86 Age: 27 Experience with Tekkit: I used to play Tekkit Classic, then migrated to Tekkit Lite, and since the release of the New Tekkit I have been playing that ( well slightly before, I threw the mods together to try them out for myself before it came out lol) How long you have been playing for: I have been playing Minecraft since Indev, before Technic came to be I used to throw the mods together myself for modded minecraft. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): I am good at building eye pleasing structures, my real strengths however are with Redstone wiring and contraption
  4. Age: 27 IGN (In Game Name): Lawrence86 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: Looking for a friendly, mature server worth spending my free time on to enjoy and explore Tekkit with group while maybe striking up some interesting conversation. What Do you want to Build? I enjoy exploring the high technology of the mods including in Tekkit, I think this modpack is much better enjoyed among friendly mature people with whom you can share and discuss ideas and designs, and I am always willing to help others with their designs or resource gathering as well as those brand new to Tekkit.
  5. IGN: Lawrence86 Age: 27 How long you've been playing Hexxit: I have been enjoying Hexxit since release. Maybe a picture of some previous builds: The only images I have are from a work in progress on a previous server I played on (I was tricked however and everything destroyed before I could finish this wip however) Why you want to play on this server: I am a experienced Minecraft player, builder and I love to play Hexxit and I'm searching for a mature friendly server to play Hexxit cooperatively with.
  6. Sorry I wasn't really intending to advertise just providing an alternative option to those that do miss Voltz, such is the beauty of custom modpacks and this platform; there really is something for every taste here.
  7. Hope this is not inappropriate but If you guys like Voltz you should check out my pack it is 1.5.1 and has all mods from the New Tekkit but I added all the Universal Electricity mods, so I could have solar and nuclear plants in space :-) as well as Railcraft and PowerConverters to help me tie it all together. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/cosmicraft.102338
  8. Would someone be able to direct me to a tutorial for making a server download for your modpack?
  9. Ok I have some progress to report I have made an attempt to make my requested pack, it works when I launch it from my computer however it will not download properly from the technic launcher, instead of installing the pack when I input the URL it just asks me for an install directory but never does anything. Ok now in the launcher it looks like it's downloading something, I see the percentage progress bar (it doesn't go into -145125 etc like when it's going to launch vanilla) However after waiting for it to download it's still vanilla, Here's where the pack is http://www.technicpack.net/modpa
  10. I edited my requested modpack post, very much appreciate you're willingness to help people out with this.
  11. Well I am beyond relieved to hear the bundled cables idea still exists ( that would have been the only reason for me to miss RP2). To be honest I have never been much of a fan of IC2 and in Tekkit Lite I never really used it at all. There are many builds with Electric Expansion and Mekanism or Thermal Expansion with IC2 included and I always opt for the alternative to IC2; I am not fond of the way their custom blocks look they seem outdated to me and I think Atomic Science much better demonstrates how a nuclear reactor in Minecraft should work.I am wondering what other sources of power other t
  12. I would like to know for sure if MFR has bundled coloured cables like RP2... that is my favorite part of RP it makes it makes wiring so much less bulky when you have multiple mechanisms in one building for example (one wire vs having a separate wire run for every mechanism which can end up bigger than the structure you're wiring it all up in without it)
  13. I hope someone can create a mod to replace the functionality of the RP2 coloured wires. And does anyone know if you can use dimensional doors to travel between overworld and the moon and/or ages mystcraft?
  14. I will be trying the new Tekkit for sure I think the mod list looks amazing I'm happy to see mystcraft return and very excited about dimensional doors, I will miss coloured wire from RP2 it played so nice with computercraft; and I am disappointed no mods expanding the amount of biomes has been added to Tekkit. All that being said I have to admit I am addicted to the UE mods and the way they handle electricity it's simply genius, and biotech and mekanism are lots of fun and I think galacticraft fits the technology style of UE. It would be amazing if Voltz had all UE mods and galacticraft as wel
  15. I most certainly do appreciate what the people making other's dream packs which is why I'm totally fine without having redpower and railcraft in mine, and i will be content with 1.5.1 for a long time to come... the only reason I want 1.5.1 is because of the redstone block which i can use to make a hidden missile silo without having to leave the annoying one hole in the centre. And I wish I could find the time to learn how to make a modpack, but that isn't on the horizon until my kids get a little older anyway; since the little bit of time I do get I use to play Technic lol
  16. Yea I actually didn't think about that when I made my list and I realize Railcraft, and RedPower won't be able to be added to the modpack I requested since I asked for 1.5.1
  17. I am loving the technic modpacks and have grown fond of some select mods however as I have kids and the like it is extremely difficult to try and find the time to figure out how to put these mods together myself(not to mention I possess zero skill or knowledge on putting mods together and having them work). I would be grateful to anyone generous enough to make this pack for me - Cosmicraft Minecraft 1.5.1 Mods: Universal Electricity http://universalelectricity.com/ Assembly Line http://universalelectricity.com/assembly-line Atomic Science http://universalelectricity
  18. Here's to hoping I'm posting this in the right spot. I am loving the technic modpacks and have grown fond of some select mods however as I have kids and the like it is extremely difficult to try and find the time to figure out how to put these mods together myself(not to mention I possess zero skill or knowledge on putting mods together and having them work). I would love to see a modpack with all the universal electricity mods including galacticraft, buildcraft, computercraft, redpower, and biomesxl . Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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