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  1. Name: PerWerT Age:29 Skype: will tell to PM, don't like telling personal data on public sites. Hope you understand. Reason to join: I like cooperative game in a tight packed community. Agreed and understood the requirements: Yes Other things to tell: never played hexit before, usually played a FTB, Tekkit or other highly industrial modpacks. So i will ask a loot of noobish questions at first =)
  2. Please Also Whitelist PerWerT. I may use another account along with the first one
  3. IGN: Gonzaliz Age: 28 Country: Russia Tekkit Experience: Noob Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: Looking for a friendly building community without always having to look back for stealing or "pvp loving" kids
  4. Whitelist application: IGN Gonzaliz AGE 28 Tekkit experience? True noob Did you read the rules Sure Nope
  5. IGN: Gonzaliz Skype: Have one, will send via P.M. Age: 28 Gender: Male Why would i like to join: I want to take part in some great coop building of someething great.
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