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  1. hay. i got griefed really badly the other day but you where busy yeasterday.... not to worried about getting my stuff back but would like to know the person who did it.... basically all the ores i had in my deep storage units was taken. iron copper tin redstone lapis ect ect. :S (side not the server has been going on and of line for me most the night!)
  2. IGN: redheadleanne Age: 20 What country are you from? England Why TotalTekkit? seems like a nice friendly server Would i find your name on MCBANS? nope Do you agree to the rules above? yes
  3. hiya i saw a post you put up are you also having issuses joining servers?

  4. Ingame username:Redheadleanne Age:20 Are you experienced in tekkit? yes, i've been playing for a while but previous server i was on got shut down Do you wish to play on cubenation? well been looking for a new server for a while, and this one sounded great! We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help? In anyway shape or form
  5. In-game name:Redheadleanne Age: 20 Time Zone: gmt What is your Tekkit experience?: been playing minecraft for 3 years.x love this sexy as game Why do you want to join Schpoovi?: sounds like a beast server.
  6. Ingame Name:Redheadleanne Reason of joining: have been looking for a friendly server, non pvp, so i would love to join yours and have a look around and get to know you all Experience: about 2 years of mineshaft experience Age:20 years of age Favorite mod: IC2 love it and know most of the crafts of by heart. :D
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