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  1. Username: christian2124 Age: 14 Why Tekkitopia? I have been looking for a mature community in almost every modpack that exists, most specifically Voltz and Big Dig. I just today decided I would take a trip back in time and settle down in Tekkit Lite for the first time in ages, and being as though this server has a strict whitelist that accepts only the most mature and friendliest of players, I would start here. I hope that you look past my age, which is noticeably small compared to those who have applied before me, and give me a chance to live among your servers large and good natured commun
  2. IGN: christian2142 AGE: 14 (You said to be honest and I am, but please don't overlook my application below, I put a lot of devotion into it.) LOCATION: United States (East Coast) ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?: No WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: While I do understand you have a strict rule against people under the age of 18, I have been developing an interest in small, tight knit communities that are centered around mature players. Despite being young myself, I hate having to deal with children who are similar to my age on a game like Minecraft, weather it be their building techniqu
  3. In game name: christian2142 Age : 14 Location : East Coast, United States Are you currently banned from any servers? : No Minecraft experience to date : Have played since the end of Alpha and the beginning of Beta (for vanilla Minecraft, of course) A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server : The last two servers for the Big Dig modpack I tried were either terribly managed, laggy, or had lots of ignorant players who took the fun out of the game by constant raiding and harassment. The amount of replies to this servers threat is absolutely absurd, and by the lo
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