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  1. I sure there is a more compact verison to this, but youtube is lacking new tekkit power-core tutorials. Im not to worried about the energy lost using the -25% tesseract or if this crisscross parallel setup has a energy lost. Due to the fact that I have a MFR automatic wheat farm 9x9 (with tin upgrade and never came close to running out of biofuel, and I don't even try to make efficient fuel. Just a stack of wheat seeds lasts me hours. My main challenge is to find out what the maximum output through a single tasseract/ phased pipe setup, I can output at once. I current have to run 3 energy tess
  2. That is nice setup and I used it in the beginning, but it is alot of work and space to build. I wasted my time thinking biofuel was complicated. It is way easier. Only pain is getting the first blaze rod. TIP: Slimes spawn in swamps at night. TIP: Blazes will spawn in the nether on top of nether bricks, nether bricks can be crafted. (but a fortress is easier) TIP: Once you have a blaze rod grind it and you get 4 blaze dusts, then use mininum stone to convert them back in to 2 blaze rods, and repeat for infiniate blaze rods. TIP: Mininum stone will convert to piece of wood in to
  3. What about a setup using a energy tesseract? something similar to a energy condenser flower? If I cover a energy tesseract with red-stone cells and run the input to the outside; Will the tesseract draw energy from all 6 sides at 100 MJ/t from each red-stone cell and transmit 600MJ/t? Would the tesseract drain each cell evenly? If so I could pump MJ in to the inputs and all red-stone cells would fill at the same time and drain at the sometime, with the bonus of remote/multi world capabilities. I noticed with the 25% power drop from tesseract would I then get 450 MJ/t? If I used some kind of
  5. Do you have the kinetic energy pants, solar helm, or thermal generator chest items installed? Please post pictures of you current setup.
  6. I use to hoppers stack on top of each other so that the ore will sit until the pulverizer can grind it up then transport it to two hoppers on top of the furnance to smelt it. works great since i really dont get more then 10 or 15 stacks of different ores once the crap is filtered out. But the Applied Energetic Mod is the long term plan for sort and organizing items. It copies all items in to data drives then have the items transferred to the appropriate machine as needed.
  7. I had a few questions? Can oxygen be pump through tessaracts or phased piped in to a space station or moon? Do I need a dimensional anchor? So then oxygen distrubutor and oxygen sealer does the same thing except the sealer doesn't allow the air bubble to grow outside the base walls? So it cosmetic? I got my oxygen bubble on the moon working pretty easy, how do I prevent my trees from decaying?, I put a 4x4(infinite water) next to the trees. Do my trees need to be in the oxygen bubble ? Like a bio dome? Has anyone tried use the oxygen bubble underwater?
  8. Dude so many complains out there, New Tekkit has all kinds of things to discover and is a fresh start from old tekkit. True you have to relearn what works best but that's the fun. You can still play old tekkit. MFR, AE, and Steve's carts have a ton of complicated awesome machines. The best part is that it is streamlining the power source and ores in the game, instead of have 3 or more power system all with redundant machines. Plus I dont miss joining a server and a nuke was detonated at spawn. It a good step in the right direction to producing a better product, especially on a donator / volunt
  9. 1 BioReactor + 1 Bio Generator = roughly 160 MJ a Tick. Pain to get that initial blaze rod. But once you get it macerate and minimum stone for infinite blaze rods. I have to find a swamp to get 2 slime balls. 2 machines that will end your power needs. Just use saplings until you get automated.
  10. Magma Engine - 4MJ/tick with no explosion or water needed. (lava) Steam Engine - 2 MJ/tick (solid fuels) Magma Crucible - Makes lava, redstone energy cells. (uses 4 MJ/t) Aqueous Accumulator - Makes Water (Free) (submerge next to 2 water squares) These engines do not explode.
  11. I dont use the Magma Crucible for lava. I use a pump, 4 redstone engines, ender tank, and world anchor and pump nether lava to the Overworld. Then in Overworld, the lava comes out of the ender chest and feeds my power core of 20 magma engines and powers my redstone cells, then which feeds to my power tesseract. That way I can used power from anyplace in the world as long as i dial in to the frequency. Magma Engines are 4 MJ/tick and Combustion Engines are 4MJ/tick, but steam and magma engine don't exploded, they freeze-up instead, just hit them with the crescent hammer and they start back up.
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