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  1. IGN: xNecarox Age:18(19 next week) Experiences: I tend to work well with others and I do like to work on making secret bases far away from spawn.also have some prior experience with classic Why you?: well you don't seem to have much apps so i figured why not apply and be one of the people who join and have a head start before everyone else
  2. This server may be the perfect server I am looking for, when I can I shall come take a look, xNecarox is my IGN.
  3. IGN: xNecarox How long Have i played MC?: a little bit before the adventure update How long have I played Volts?: about 2 months before the new tekkit launcher Why do I want to join the server?: I want to join the server to play with people I know I can trust and I would love to team up with people that wont ditch me Location: Sh***y Utah in United states Age:19 Skype: yes but my mic sucks so i dont use it Other: I agree with the guy above me for his other, I also like to be far far away , but I mostly build traps and avoid conflicts
  4. Name: DS(I don't like using full name) Age:19 in about 8 days Skype yes, but I don't talk with mic Ign: xNecarox Why: I want to try to the new mod pack and not get greifed/trolled when im playing, and I would want to try out something in this server that i normally cant do with a nonwhite listed.
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