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  1. If you can give us screenshots, we can probably troubleshoot it better.
  2. Oh, hey, I was right! My internet is borked right now, so I can't actually check buildcraft's wiki. If so I'd probably have copy-pasted. Still can post here because thanks comcast. /me shrugs Anyway, combustion engines are a pain to manage. You've gotta track down oil to make fuel for them and they don't actually output much power. When they do output power, you need to make absolutely sure they always have somewhere to output that power, or else they end up exploding when your RECs fill up. And if you put fuel nearby, you end up with a GIANT GODDAMN CRATER where your house used to be.
  3. Check the buildcraft wiki for more info on buildcraft objects. It's very handy in figuring (some) parts of it out. Combustion engines can run on lava, oil or fuel, each with different power outputs and burn time. Lava: 1MJ/t, Oil: 2MJ/t, Fuel: 6MJ/t edit: apparently 4... that actually makes a lot more sense as for why my SMP world's fuel powered combustion bank is not performing as well as i'd hoped. Magmatic is the way of the future then! edit2: actually 6MJ/t. yay editwar XD
  4. For tree farms, I have a great deal of respect for steve's carts now, gotta say. MFR ones are quicker, but way less interesting to me. One thing to keep in mind is that it will require more space. That's manageable, but plan ahead. Far as handling lag goes, I've never had harvesters lag for me. Might be the tree thing as Jakalth says. For the ghasts targeting, it could be a height issue. One way to test this would be to set up a column of grinders to see if that fixes it.
  5. Oh, that's pretty awesome. I look forward to the changes! In the meantime, I had a Eureka! moment a little bit ago: you can have a steam efficient turbine setup without having the ideal number of turbines! This is important for trying to get your reactor setup if you try a little too early in survival. My testing previously discovered that the ideal number of turbines was about 18 for steam efficiency (copper or uranium/deuterium efficiency look elsewhere ). I was wrong - it's not the ideal number of turbines, it's the ideal number of liquiduct outputs. Obviously at least one of those outp
  6. Because of this thread I decided to give MPS a shot, and I am in love! Something else to keep in mind is that you can carry a full REC and use its charge as a backup. I keep one in my backpack just in case I forget to charge my tool, since it'll only deplete when it's in your regular inventory.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response! I found the same video and it does a great job of explaining the concept, but unfortunately the deployer block was from RP2. I am unaware of a replacement. Without something like that, we might need to rely on mob weakening setups and manually attack them.
  8. So I've done quite a bit of googling and haven't managed to find any solution to minium shard farming that works in Tekkit Main. I understand this is definitely by design, but hey, most of the fun in this game is figuring out how to do things that are complex and kinda OP right? So the core of the issue is that mobs killed by anything but a player will not generate minium shards, and supposedly this includes everything from lava to block suffocation to dispensers. I've read that turtles used to work but currently don't. I want to say any critters spawned by an autospawner also do not work
  9. Actually, your research there was invaluable to mine! I used your info that too many connections reduced power output in my design and intentionally limited each LT to a single liquiduct input. I said in my post that I hadn't heard the question asked, what I actually meant was that I hadn't seen it answered for default config, I just didn't say that hehe >.> Actually, now that I think about it, your single input testing backs up my conclusion - LTs with multiple inputs will accept steam beyond their minimum input, which reduces their efficiency. If liquiducts follow the same style of
  10. Okay, so I did a bunch of testing. Putting here here to consolidate it, really, but I'll split it into a different thread if you guys think it's best. The question I asked (and don't remember seeing on the forums yet) is "how much power can you get from a bucket of steam?" I don't have the answer yet because large turbines will happily accept more steam than is optimal for them. From the information I was getting my question changed to "what is the optimal number of large turbines per liquid manager?" Scenario: fission reactor producing steam bottlenecked by 1 liquid manager. Manually
  11. I tend to prefer using survival mode with cheat mode in NEI for testing things out, as I find the creative tabs pretty confusing. To do it my way, simply set the difficulty to peaceful then.... 1)Set difficulty to peaceful. 2) Hit 'e' 3) if you don't see the save buttons on the left, hit the 'Options' button in the lower left. 3a) Press button in the upper right until it says 'Cheat Mode'. The other two options it has are 'Recipe Mode' and 'Utility Mode' 3b) Press 'Done' button at the bottom. 4)You should be back to inventory now. Click 'Item SubSets' button on top of screen. It shoul
  12. Yeah, I messed with it a little bit and noticed that as well. From the CJ's video on the new conductive pipes system I think he said something along the lines that the balance was that machines require higher maintenance now. It could be an intentional thing. *shrugs* Hopefully it's configurable as that seems like it was going a bit too quickly for my tastes.
  13. You know, it took me a long time to figure that out because the source I used to learn the mod wasn't worded very clearly. My first power networks with conduits were all about maximum efficiency for no practical purpose hehe. I'm not really sure what you're getting at here. I too like Tekkit. I'm not encouraging people to not use it, I'm just looking forward to when this update gets added to it. It's gonna be a fairly dramatic change for how people set up networks now, as BC appears to have noticed that people move away from conductive pipes asap in older versions. Now it'll be a
  14. Heya! I just noticed this yesterday: http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/2013/06/22/buildcraft-3-7-1-for-minecraft-1-5-2/ From the wiki: The gist of it, as I understand it, is that they're overhauling the way conductive pipes work. If there's a loop, it's not a critical issue anymore (although I think it still traps power in there, from what it looked like in the video on it by CovertJaguar here: ). Also, the horrible loss of power from using conductive pipes is no longer a thing. Instead, we have tiers for each of the power types. According to the wiki they are: 8 Cobblestone
  15. Nifty, thanks! I'll have to fiddle with 'em. Maybe I'll end up with something worth posting here. ^_^
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