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  1. New IBCM has an aa turret that can take out missiles
  2. JXIII


    I can play Mon. Wen. Fri. Sat. and Sun.
  3. JXIII


    I am the person who looks forward to dominating you.
  4. You know that the best defense is a good offense. I know how to make a 7 by 3 missle silo that can be hooked up to another, effectivley giving the ability to have a constant volley
  5. Name: J_Dawg13 (However Please refer to me on the server as "J_Dawg") Age: 16 Reason: I don't like the servers where there are many people because the people with the big bases have all the advantages. I however love all small voltz servers and think that that is were you can participate in the most intense battles. Experience: About 2 years of minecraft itself and 1 year of tekkit launcher. I have been playing voltz since it came out. I belive that I am really good with missles. I never have Cussed ever in my life. and I am not someone who lies.
  6. Team Name: ATARAX Name: J_Dawg13 Why Should I join?: I am an EXPERT at Building what I call the MVAS (Missile Volley Annihilation System) and what I call the MVDS (Missile Volley Defense System) I could be an Excellent ally... or your worst nightmare Do you realize this is a server without plugins?: Yes I do, and I don't need them either :)
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