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  1. Application: - What is your in game name(minecraft username)? ollyollyoscar - Name one rule of the server. No griefing - Why do you want to join the server? i like to experiment with new mods and build cool buildings and contraptions and create cool communitys and run fun events - What do you expect from the server? all players to follow the rules and allow others to have a good time
  2. Sorry about the previous post its only cause i'm new on forums and well... actually... this is my first time on a forum and well... i didn't know how to message in your "original post" and it's not that i can't follow instructions it's that i'm not used to this and i would really like to join. i haven't found any decent big dig servers yet and i think this is the one for me. quiet... peaceful... small community's. so sorry if i caused any inconvenience to you and if you could just allow me to join or even just tell me what "messaging in an original post means" then that would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. APPLICATION: IGN: ollyollyoscar AGE: 19 LOCATION: UK ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?: Nope WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: Because im looking for a big dig server which allows me to express myself as a miner and i think that private servers are amazing for this sort of thing as they allow small communitys to form and create friendships between people and i hope to further educate myself in the forms of big dig TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: I've played vanilla for years now as i have been playing minecraft since 1.2_01 and have loved every moment of it. last year a friend told me about modpacks and i loved the way the mods work perfectly together to create a flush feeling. big dig has been one of the best and have been playing it since it came out and i would love to work on other mods in this modpack. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MINECRAFT?: building and redstone. as i have released 17 multiplayer maps and work for 4 servers building pvp arenas and setting up redstone games using command blocks and simple redstone. i believe im average at redstone and i probably suck at building but i always try...
  4. so how much exactly are you looking at for a donation? cause if it's like £50/$50 then im sorry but i cant do that but if its more along the lines of about £5/$5 or whatever then maybe i might be able to help... thanks for accepting aswell
  5. Position: Mod/Admin IGN: ollyollyoscar Why KFC: Because i believe any whitelisted servers are the best as they keep out the noobs and let the real minecrafters play. ive had experience with servers as i have hosted 2 of my own and also been admin of a couple of my friends servers, so i know all that there is to being a good admin and i would love to join a well organised community of passionate minecrafters like me...
  6. I am British. i was born and raised in Britain And I would love to join your server although i am only 16 and am very mature for my age and i love to play big dig This seemed like the perfect server cause i hate all the 2yr olds blowing up all there shit and then coming over to mine and my friends and start griefing thier houses and this server just seemed like the solution to my problems IGM: ollyollyoscar
  7. I would Like To Join I Have A Decent Computer And I Am Very Mature Meaning No Stupid TnT Explosions And Shit Like That. IGN: ollyollyoscar I Love To Start As Soon As Possible Thankyou yours sincerely Oscar Wright
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