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  1. Works a treat.. nice 1 !! ... b.t.w. is there anything I could do to stop Hexxit loading like 200 attrib.exe's and making my PC freak out and making the CPU run at 100% for 5 minutes ?
  2. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-properly-install-optifine-into-hexxit-technic-modpacks.47392/#post-393683
  3. How to ... Disable mob bosses = Grow some balls or play a different pack hehe!!
  4. the new version of TreeCap. deals with natura trees, as in the BigDig pack :)
  5. dangit, I didn't know there was a newer version of Optifine (D5) .. thankyou for lettin me know :)
  6. yeah mine took a while to load, it froze a couple of times but eventully got there, I was checking my processes in Task Manager, and it kept shooting up to over 200 processes then back down to the normal amount, it really jammed up my computer which is pritty powerful. Thankfully u only have to load all the info once, everyother time after that it starts really quick Great pack BTW, playing the heck out of it, also Generikb from Mindcrack/Youtube has made a video today and is starting to play it, with great responses in the comments, so expect alot more downloads :)
  7. I usually have no problem adding optifine to the modpack.jar but for some reason it won't work with this pack .. have u got it to work ?
  8. I usually have no problem adding optifine to the modpack.jar but for some reason it won't work with this pack .. have u got it to work ?
  9. Yup ... I mentioned this in the .12 update crash report post & its still happening in .13
  10. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1659892-15xtinkers-construct the pics looks bigger than 3x3x3 maybe wrong ?
  11. Link to the crash report, for the crash I mentioned above ^^ https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/172879789/crash-2013-06-12_04.21.00-client.txt
  12. Hey CanVox .... I'm not sure if this has been posted yet or not .. I couldn't find it anywhere ... when I click the recipe arrow in the NEI UI to bring up the compete list of recipes made with that item the game crashes .. it happens everytime. I can post a crash report to my dropbox if needed?
  13. I've added Bo'P ..works great, i seem to have alot of villages and structures spawning right beside each other & i have alot of missing and blank textures in my NEI? Any Ideas ? On a side note.. any chance Xeno's reliquary could be added to the pack , now that it has finally updated to 1.5.2? B.T.W. CanVox your doing a brilliant job, updating and keeping the community well informed of whats going on, BigDig is now the only mod pack I play, and will be playing for a long time, keep up the good work mate!
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