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  1. In game name: sliver01 Age:12 Location:US, San Diego California Are you currently banned from any servers?:No, I have never been banned from any servers, and I tend to stay out of trouble. Minecraft experience to date:Iv'e played on many servers in Minecraft, and many modpacks servers also. None have ever complained about my age because I am an acceptional builder and have experiene with the different available modpacks. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: I'm very mature for my age and I have been told so by many people in-game and Irl. I like to help people if they are struggling and if someone wants to be friends and team together I come with open arms. People always say things to me like: Oh you're a great builder and you have a wide and open imagination, you should become an engineer some day. I'm always friendly to people the first time I meet them, but afterwards I treat them in the same way they treat me. That is is just a sample of what I'm like and I hope you accept this to find out more about me.