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  1. Ign: Lavalanche_mc Age:18 Location: United States Why Would You Like To Join: Creative need during this summer before college How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: Very little, I have created a smeltery before but other than that I have watched all 52 episodes on Bdubs' channel. What Mod Are You Best At: Tinkers' construct Skype: I will pm you with this and give out on the server as I see fit
  2. Second tweet from the top, we just need an update that will come out later. https://twitter.com/generikb?original_referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.attackofthebteamwiki.com%2Fwiki%2FMaterials_(Tinkers%2527_Construct)&profile_id=435154264&tw_i=435186202514571264&tw_p=embeddedtimeline&tw_w=340410374224486400
  3. *In-game name: Lavalanche_mc *What do you think about the server: Good connection, fun times *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Protection around spawn, sign that teleports players to a random location.
  4. When do you think the server can be a stable thing? Its a shame it has problems its such a good server and community
  5. take all the time you need just fix it all the way to the best you can :)
  6. Oh ok the server is back up with relatively small amounts of "rewinding" thats good Oh also after playing earlier this morning I have a suggestion that after maybe 5 or 10 hours of log in time Builders should be allowed to let New players in because even though its rare when mods aren't online we are losing potential players when they aren't. Just a suggestion though idk if you like it or not cap
  7. I would like to join a tekkit server how do I join if this new server exists at the time I am posting this?
  8. Hey I'm 17 and would like to join my IGN is lavalanche_mc
  9. I will play gladly, I enjoy building in tekkit :)
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