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  1. 1- In game name:Black_Blood01 2- Age:13 3- experiences in tekkit:ee red power ic 2 build craft 2 4- Skype name (optional or other contacts):black_blood011 5- Past bans (will be looked up so don't lie):i not gonna lie i was being banned 2 or 1 yea ago because they say me i using x-ray but i wasnt 6- Time zone:Central US 7- A little about yourself:im good at games and tekkit i love playing computer games i love sports and i love my life :D
  2. Minecraft Username:Black_Blood01 Time Zone:Central Standart Time Reason for Applying:i wanna play no banned itemsand i want to play a little server Do you plan on staying:Yes Opinion on Explosions:İ want make this server better Are you a nice person:Yes i kind good peapol :)
  3. IGN: Black_Blood01 Age: 16 Reason for joining: i want to play with other peapols Have you read the rules: Yes I have read all the rules and i angreed Tekkit experience: i playing tekkit 1 year i got experience on red power ee ic2
  4. Ingame Name: Black_Blood01 Reason of joining: i hate playing alone i want play with other peapols Experience: im played tekkit 1 year Age: 16 Favorite mod: Red Power
  5. Username:Black_Blood01 What is your experience with tekkit?:im playing 1 year im good at redpower ee and ic2 mods Have you ever been banned from a server? yes i was 1 time banned because i was found 1 diamond on the map they said me X-ray that way i banned but i was not X-ray What do you plan on doing here at techluminal tekkit?:make a house and in that house make magic and science
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