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  1. Server rules: don't be rude thats it, everything else just plays by common sense Banned items: crane backpack The server is brand new and has only been up for two weeks, shops are being made currently hopefully in the next week or so. No need to worry about downtime usually we're up 24/7 only down for brief restarts. the server accepts anyone who wants to play the game without the worry of being griefed or harassed if this interest you at all, come join us on the server. SERVER IP:
  2. Age: 15 Ign: violentstorm5678 I've played minecraft for 4 years I'm from the U.S(east coast) i hate servers because of all the immature kids from the greifers to the spammers it gets annoying after awhile
  3. hey i'm hunter my ign is violentstorm5678 live in the United states 15 and i'm on alot
  4. Ign) violentstorm5678 Age)15 Location) United states (east coast) How long have you been playing minecraft) 4 years vanilla 2 years modded What keeps you playing minecraft) The new mods coming out they just keep getting better and better idk how i played before without mods
  5. Hey I'm Hunter, i would like to join this server because i'm tired of public server, the greifers the spammers and the terrible staff of servers. i'm 15 and have been playing modded minecraft for 2 years and every server i go to the maps already torn up the block lag is so bad the gameplay is bad, i always wanted to play with some people that were serious but everytime i do they eventually leave. P.S. i have skype and ign is violentstorm5678
  6. username: violentstorm5678 I will not grief in homeworld: yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat: yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: yes I will report and not abuse any bugs: yes I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: i have zero experience
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