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  1. IGN: EzKing13 Skype(must have): ezking99 Experience: I have played hexxit for probably two months now and have watched 2 separate lp's on it. Age(16 or older): I am 16 Pros & cons about yourself: I am a player who knows what he is doing (pro), I enjoy playing with other people(pro), I get bored of playing if I don't have people to play with(con). Bans(if any): not to my knowledge Favorite minecraft youtuber & why: mine is probably any of the mindcrackers, specifically generikb and zisteau, because they are hilarious and introduced me to minecraft
  2. IGN: EzKing13 Age:15 This looks like a server with good people to play with
  3. 1. My name is EzKing13 2. Yes these rules seem fair 3. No I don't have questions 4. 5. No I have not been banned to my knowledge 6. 7. Other servers have little kids and people that make the game no fun. This looks like a server of good people 8. Yes a little bit but it wasn't fun because of the people
  4. I am 15 I haven't been ranked i thought it would be fun to try EzKing13 moderate
  5. In game name: EzKing13 Age:15 Why Totalhexxit? I am interested in playing with people that are mature and are not going to overly grief Why Hexxit? I like exploring this awesome mod and it is even better with other people Would your name appear on a ban site such as mcbans? If so why were you banned? no I have not been banned
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