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  1. 1. What is your IGN? Sonnitude 2. How old are you? 19 3. What timezone are you in? EST 4. What experience do you have in Tekkit Classic? I am pretty much a EE2 freak, I know that mod inside and out pretty much. I may still be learning about it, but thats the mod I have the most expirience with. 5. Will you have Voice chat available? Yes 6. Would you use it? If I like the server. 7. Would you rather have Skype or Teamspeak? Teamspeak.
  2. IGN: Sonnitude SKYPE(Must have): Sonnitude, however, I dont currently have it installed and DONT like the interface Experience: a LOT of expirience, I've played the modpack quite a bit as well as vanilla minecraft. I'm pretty well versed in the tinkerers construct mod Age(16 or OLDER): 18 Pros & Cons about yourself: Honest, caring and kind, however sometimes easily angered Bans(If any): NONE Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: um.... I have too many favorites to really pick anyone X3
  3. IGN: Sonnitude Age: 18 Reason I want to join: I feel like I could help other members as well as I LOVE adventure