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  1. go to settings>security & Privacy> and allow applications from anywhere. sounds like a mac your talking about
  2. Tagger12496

    Weird Crash

    seems to be that your have a stack over flow with your galaticraft mod. did you try doing something weird with your oxygen sealers in the game?
  3. get the tinkers construct mod. it has pretty hand tools like axe that chops whole try in one blow.
  4. did you add any mods to the mod pack?
  5. i logged in and nobody was online and i was looking for some trace of u around but all i found was a para chest after hours of searching
  6. increase permgensize on the gear top right
  7. Yeah i been having that bug too! Its annoying and it spams the hell out of you on your server console. It never happened on 1.0.6 and 1.1.5
  8. servers should work. im on the mac and the tekkit 1.1.8 server works fine.
  9. the nether is pretty handy but on tekkit its makes stuff a little laggy.
  10. the lava part you can always use lava fabricators! they provide you with tons of lava!
  11. i know for sure if you disable the nether it fixes some lag. if you have any chunk loaders around the map will also cause lag.
  12. Its pretty easy actually go to the technic launcher and click on the gear top right and check the increase pergensize.
  13. delete your technic folder from your directory. go to your windows start menu and search up run. open run application and type in %appdata% and look for your .technic file and delete it. start up tekkit with the 1.0.6 build and your good