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  1. Kall I need you NOW I crafted an item that I didn't know was banned it's a compressor and now it's stuck in my inventory
  2. I just woke up and tried to update Tekkit New Frontier but it continues to bring up a error that is asking me to contact the modpack owner. Since the game was on 1.0 and wanted me to update it to 1.2.9g but will bring the same error
  3. adventurekid8 17 I used to play on a regular bases until the server I played on shut down due to to many glitches and I'm getting back in my modded games I want to join this server since it's good and with a small community hopefully I can get along with others
  4. Your server is kinda taking the piss with me I can't register my password even when I get it correct Explain please
  5. Riccardo do you remember who I used to work with before the server restarted he had the 10th Doctor skin and was a genius. cause I can't remember his username and it's being very awkward for me to remember
  6. IGN: adventurekid8 Age:15 why you want to join the server: I miss playing the most epic modpack and my friends but I haven't changed a bit I really want to come back on I hope I get accepted
  7. Age 15 IGN adventurekid8 why I want to play on the server so I can have some fun learn new things what I want to build a underground city
  8. Phantom I may be lagging out on FTB cause my laptop is trying to get used to it but the mods are a bit much
  9. IGN adventurkid8 why I want to become member I can be a big help just keep the MFF and interdiction matrix away from me it makes me and the entire server lag right out and crashes
  10. ok but phantom I would like to see you again but a tekkit server maybe one of your own
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