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  1. Sure, but I had neither the know how, or a Technic build for 1.2.5.
  2. The great thing about Direwolf is that he makes straightforward and useful tutorials. Go to the minecraft forum page for season 4, follow all the links and download all the mods, and watch his installation tutorial. I'm hardly experienced, and I was able to get it done in under an hour, with downloading all the mods taking the majority of time.
  3. Well, a max EE themed pack I suppose. Swiftwolf ring, Max, fully charged klein star. Red matter tools. Mercurial eye, with another charged klein star. And maybe an alchemist bag filled with other alchemist bags for practically unlimited storage. And a philosopher stone of course. Is that the kind of suggestion you're looking for?
  4. Nearly every mod has a wiki. There was a thread around here that listed and linked all of them, but a google search will lead you to each one just fine. Or just check each mods minecraft forum page, because the wiki's will likely be linked there.
  5. Yeah I do my best to repress and forget Snooki's existence. Having her randomly around here is almost more of a punishment to the competent members.
  6. I'm glad Jeb changed it, now it actually has a place on servers.
  7. But many people buy Minecraft using PayPal. Wouldn't that show that PayPal is pretty safe as well? Also there was another suggestion, using a Visa prepaid card. And that's actually recommended for teenagers.
  8. Holy crap, rock bottom indeed. I actually played Evony once, but I quit because the only way to progress is to fork over a bunch of cash. It's pretty obvious the developers only want to make money.
  9. Think that was supposed to be an arrow. ->
  10. Are you actually using the launcher? It doesn't touch your regular minecraft.
  11. Actually the most entertaining part of the ad is the text. "Choose your queen, my lord". That's so bad it's hilarious.
  12. Yeah, I thought they were implemented specifically to help fund the forums.
  13. Heh yep. Tons of games advertise like this. The dark/night elf ones always kill me.
  14. It's a snapshot. We have no idea if Mojang is going to change things for multiplayer. And, there is no guarantee any servers (especially large scale) would implement the Enderstorage mod, even if it was updated to be better with multiplayer than the ender chest in vanilla. Now, disliking Mojang is perfectly fine, but blindly bashing anything they do is just as useless and unproductive as blindly praising anything they do.
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