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  1. Ah, something like 5 hours later (I think), some episodes of doctor who , still not open? "MYAR!"
  2. When the server will be on? Can't wait. Edit : zOMG ITS ON ADKLGHSLKDGHLKSABGLKASHGBLKSDG Edit #2 : "Ye ain't on the whitelist yet" , Someone's australian... Just kidding. Edit #3 : And im on there! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. Hum, still isn't on, It will probably be on when he get up and whitelist everyone or something similar.
  4. I would say vanilla, plus, my way is actually Tinkers, Thermal expansion, Witchery then anything else.
  5. Don't worry, I bet someone else's server will happily get you on !
  6. Well, now that I know im promised to be there.. Anybody interested in a bit of teaming up action? Perhaps pranking others?
  7. Oh sure im fine xD, Nah kidding, when will it be playable?
  8. YAYAYAYYAKDGKLSDBHGLKSBDG Im on! xD Same thing Disconnected said.
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