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  1. What is your in game name(minecraft username)? Prongj Name one rule of the server. No 1x1 structures Why do you want to join the server? A corner of the map to build and create. I love big dig because of the vast amount of resources and Modpacks. What do you expect from the server? Stability.
  2. Hello, IGN is Prongj. Im 33. I play casually, I enjoy smaller servers. Would love to play here.
  3. IGN:Prongj Age:33 I like to build and create landscapes. Tech too. Used to run small FTB server, big dig is better ! No time to hose my own server anymore. Would love to join!
  4. APPLICATION: IGN:Prongj AGE: 33 LOCATION:Canada ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?:No WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN:I like to build,tech and survival TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE:I used to host a small FTB server, I am really enjoying this big dig pack but do not have the time to manage my own server now. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MINECRAFT?:CREATE.
  5. Hello, Game name is Prongj .Id love to join, Im 30+ Play frequently, what version of big dig is it ?
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