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  1. Role-play character's name: Seth Macdove Character's background story: Seth has had a pretty normal life, good parents, good education, that sort of thing, but he always wanted adventure, so now Seth is in this new land, ready to discover what lies in wait for him. Character's age:20
  2. Minecraft username: brunolarzan (a joke with my friends) (optional)Age:--- Why you want to play on this server: I like rp servers and this is the first really good-looking one. How you found this server: I found this server on the Technic forums. Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?:I have not been banned from other servers. How well do you know the mods?: I know them all pretty well, though i am most familiar with Tinkers Construct. How often do you play?: I play after school nearly everyday for a couple hours, and play on most weekends Why do you feel you should be acce
  3. Woops, accidentally posted before i was finished, i was going to say that i really like smaller servers who are friends.
  4. Minecraft Username: Brunolarzan (a joke between my friends and i) Are you a YTer? No Youtube:------
  5. i have a problem, modify world wont let me do anything!!! i cant go in my door or use the chat, please help!
  6. i have a problem where i cant even log into my technic launcher cause when i enter my username and password it says "invalid credentials invalid username or password" can somone help please?
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