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  1. Yes. It will reset your spawn all the damn time (took me forever to find out what mod was causing the problem). I removed the Tropicraft mod from my server as well as a few others that were causing issues. no one really cared about the ones I removed. I have had a lot of issues with galacticraft as well. I haven't been on much since I installed the latest update, but I haven't had any complaints as of yet.
  2. I'm using McMyAdmin for all my MC servers. I run Hexxit, Tekkit, Bukkit, and B-Team. What issues are you having with B-Team and McMyAdmin?
  3. try adding "-XX:PermSize=256m" to your start up arguments. It fixed my OutOfMemoryExceptions
  4. you might want to give Hyperconomy a try. Works great on our B-Team server. I'm also using Essentials. Haven't had any problems with the plugins we are using. Hyperconomy also has a built in ChestShop feature.
  5. Here is the wiki.. I'm not sure if it is official or not, but I added a couple things so far. http://www.attackofthebteamwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page
  6. The reason I did the XP penalty is I I was getting tons of mine shafts all over the world and I don't want to regen or start a new world every couple weeks. This keeps the world a bit cleaner and makes minions more of a reward to use. I thin of it like enchanting a weapon. The more xp the better the reward. I do think 25 is a bit high though. I may lower it to 15 or 18 soon.
  7. yeah. I'm getting a lot of Galiticraft errors as well. if we run the new version on the server will my players have to download the new version of GC as well? or will it auto download? I've only been running modded servers for a few months. Mostly running bukkit servers fro the past 3 years
  8. I have seen many problems in this tread.. but not many solutions :(
  9. Have you updated the the latest release of B-team server and client?
  10. I limited the amount of minions per player to 2. I also set it to require 25xp to attempt to be able to get the staff. It has helped a lot with that mod pack's issues. Still tons of other issues though.
  11. same thing happening to me as well. I'm trying to track down the mod(s) that could be causing this or maybe its an action on the server. Also.. my spawn point keeps changing from my default spawn location to an area right on top of someone's house. You have this happen yet? I can do /spawn and it will take me to the correct area, but when new people join for the first time they are taken to the wrong spawn location.
  12. cool. let me know how it works out over the next day or so. I may have to reset the world if it works a lot better.
  13. Download MCPC+ from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/ Then replace Bteam.jar with mcpc-plus.jar I haven't had too many problems using MCPC+, but I'm sure it may cause problems with some of the mods. I'm also still having random TPS drops to single digits with only 30 players on. No clue which mod(s) are causing the lag. I hope this get diagnosed soon and then a patch is released. I still get the Tick crash every few hours. and sometimes I see it pop up in the console a few times in a row without crashing then everything goes back to normal.
  14. Updated to 1.0.5 and minions work great. I was still having a crash problem and deleted the furniture mod from the server. I now have absolutely 0 lag or memory issues. Running with 33 players for aotu 2 and a half hours and haven't dropped below 17 TPS. Looks like the updates are starting to work for us!
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