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  1. Name: Justin Age: 16 In-Game name: gamehunter9 How much do you know about the Modpack: I pretty much know all the mods and how they work Why should i pick you: I want a good server with nice people. I want to help any way I can. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: I'm more of a builder and crafter.
  2. IGN: gamehunter9 Age: 16 I can get on pretty often, and I'd love to join this server!
  3. IGN:gamehunter9 Age:16 What country are you from?: U.S.A. Why TotalTekkit?: I've been looking for a good server that has friendly people that I can just play on, and not have to worry. Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why?: No Do you agree to the rules above?: Yes
  4. Name: Justin Minecraft Username: gamehunter9 Age: 16 Preffered Tekkit Mod: Computer Craft or RedPower in general Are you banned in any server(Y/N): N
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