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  1. You might be having an error with Java. The easiest fix would to go into Java and disable everything but Java 7.
  2. You may be using the recommended build of Technic, which would explain why you're backdating.
  3. Aegis Fate


    You do realize minecraft is a product that, wait for it, you pay for. We here don't let people free load of off someone's effort because they're too cheap to support something worthwhile.
  4. Also, a mod pack should stand on its own instead of claiming its better than some other mod pack. People play your thing because they want to or because it has good content, you just claim you're better then Technic.
  5. Doesn't your website have a list of issues that crash the game and blame it on mod makers? Lulzy if you ask me.
  6. This thread seems to be missing possible amusing content.......... Still, asking for donations to make a server and to distribute a mod pack to those that donate reeks of idiocy and sheer loot wanting.
  7. When are we going to get together to start building the town and everything? If we can all unify to work on the parts for the first few episodes we can get going somewhere and not have this be a pipe dream XD
  8. Alright, Decayofsolus is heading into the working house.....
  9. The aplonian arc could be more drawn out to cause more conflict with those trying to fuse the two and multiple refrrences to some conspiracy.
  10. As a I realize this, if you do get a general idea of the plot figured out, I can start working on future episodes, maybe bouncing a few ideas back just for shits and giggles, depending on how you want it to go overall, but if you do have a plot outline, a PM to me would probably be the best idea. I'm still open for body acting and building as well.
  11. I can work on an episode here or there, depending on how the story goes. Plots within Plots within Plots are fun......
  12. I can help out with Construction/Body Acting. Ironically I can pretty much fill out any role you throw at me, although my voice acting is a little rusty. I could convince a friend to host it up for this purpose possibly, depending on what he thinks of it.