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  1. If you're talking about dark, I'm Darker Than Black (Bad Pun.) But seriously, I lump the supernatural in the category of, 'things we can't explain yet but someone are this way'
  2. You need to move some block IDs around and also be sure to put it into Modpack.jar.
  3. The recipe is a little derp, so I'd suggest having them give you the materials and you spawn it in for them, mostly because there are three versions of the recipe and tries to shuffle between the three weirdly
  4. Automatic Crafting Table Mk.II, learn it, love it, say goodbye even more to Buildcraft.
  5. Multiple Rotary Macerators and Induction Furnaces, along with a system that moves materials quickly (Redpower.) Not too hard if you play around with it a bit, also bumping is not a good idea, questions will be answered in time. As security, a Wireless Redstone controlled Iron Door maybe?
  6. Buildcraft is replaceable by Redpower, just requires more thought into how machines operate instead of 'Hurr Durr wooden pipes and cobblestone pipes.' Plus Redpower Quarries are total beast compared to a Buildcraft Quarry (Faster and more industrial looking, not to mention it requires experimentation to properly build)
  7. Yeah, you can't copyright a map, its just not possible. The only thing he could do to protect himself from being copied is not distributing it, simple as that.
  8. Try looking it up without the search feature and find it alongside the other IC2 blocks.
  9. Ascend has always been FtP, but its a PtW game. Still pretty fun though
  10. You have your transformers backwards. The three hole goes where the power is coming from.
  11. If it gets out there enough it'll go pretty far, as long as it balanced and provides unique fun gameplay, which looks to be all of their objectives. If they were to make this Pay to Win, then it'd fall flat on its face or be a curiosity to play every once in a while like Tribes
  12. I don't have an answer for you Jeff, maybe your AV is stopping it? Ignore Bob Jones. Bob Jones is probably using the way this forum is moderated to cover up his stupidity. Also Bob Jones, this guy came here for legitimate help, not to be ridiculed by some random person who clones a post.
  13. As those before me have said, unless the site is hacked and the launcher is modified to properly loot codes, not going to happen. Ever.
  14. I'm seventeen and I repeatedly think to myself, those damn kids. Especially since next year's freshmen at school are freaking horrible. One of the freshmen girls has two kids already, one of which is still in the oven........
  15. I'm not pushing people around, I'm simply comparing the two. And any monkey with half a brain could move the micro blocks IDs around, but the difference between Tekkit and 'Better' Than Tekkit is one uses the ids it has now to not conflict and cause huge problems on converted worlds. And the mods don't conflict either in Tekkit, so you're argument is moot.
  16. Alright, I updated my post above with the FPS from DNS. DNS does have less top FPS than Tekkit on my shit laptop, so the argument that one has better FPS is debunked. Also there's LITERALLY a shit ton of ELECTRICAL engines that I doubt everyone will even consider using. They also have Micro Blocks shifted around a bit, but that's just NEI configuration.
  17. Minecraft modders are happy at being included in a mod pack and have no qualms about not being asked for permission. [/sarcasm]
  18. Of course! I knew that game, was fun until you ran out of people to kill and you ended up fighting tank to tank with other tanks and then a cop pulls you out of the tank. Never really got past that excessive violence part of GTA.
  19. Clear your cache, delete the folder you're trying to download to and redownload
  20. Alright, I've been working on my comparative analysis using my shit laptop so this is what I've determined at the time of posting this. I will update as soon as I can actually Download 'Better' Than Tekkit (Damn school filters won't let me Download) Constants: Seed: 9189982380800928795 Spawn Location: Jungle Settings: Minimum, most if not all animations are disabled. Sounds at 50%, music at 0% Background Processes: Skype, Utorrent, Avast, Openoffice Quickstarter, Notepad, Google Chrome with 4 tabs open(,,, Observed Variables: Tekkit: Maximum FPS Observed: 10 'Better' than Tekkit Maximum FPS Observed: 8 End result: DNS has a lower Maximum FPS observed, and due to curiosity they also have around 3 to four different mods that add Electrical Engines, most of which will probably be ignored.
  21. I'm loving how he's become rather quiet after we told him the facts and not a bunch of crap we made up at the spot. Also, in a somewhat related note, anyway know what settings were used as the FPS metric? Mostly because I don't think he's using the same settings for purposes of comparison or the optifine versions may be off. I'm tempted to whip out his pack and patch my MC on my PoS computer and seeing the difference between FPS of the current versions of Tekkit and of his 'Better' than Tekkit.
  22. Isn't GTA all about grabbing some random cars and killing people till the military shows up with tanks?
  23. Yeah, I was mostly parodying his tough guy act from a sophisticated stand point with actual information from my real life, instead of claiming I'm some big tough guy that can beat people's asses who probably would get taken down by Jay?.
  24. So this guy multi accounts to circumvent bans? Acting like a tough guy on the internet will only get you ridicule, and if you really want to see me, I can bring an AR-15 if you'd really like. Oh hey look, I just acted like a tough guy without resorting to overused swear words that have lost their significance and told you exactly what I'd do.
  25. Madcock, it looks like you've been beaten, torn apart and thrown into the wind. Might I suggest dropping an antagonistic stance? Or are you one of those idiots that think they can get away with everything?