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  1. The problem is Tekkit Classic is realistically dead in the water even if you were to update it to current mods. Redpower isn't updated as far as I can recall and IC2 is officially dead in the water. EE2 has been replaced by EE3 and Railcraft has its mod author doing odd things. What is dead should stay dead.
  2. Epikos1994 should become a moderator because he's a Koala, a mean angry looking Koala.
  3. Interesting execution. Although on the note of FTB being hated here. It isn't. It just provides options, so don't worry about what you speak out on these forums. We, the users aren't censored.
  4. This again? If you read the last thread, you'd see every point you make being torn apart. On the ID point, some mods add a bunch of stuff which makes everything a clusterfuck of where to put it all, so its not always their fault.
  5. Shit, that looks loads better then the Ace of Spades I played months ago. Might have to get some cash and buy it sooner or later
  6. Rise of Legends. Had a few friends play it a bit, but never the love I had for that quirky steampunk game
  7. 3 hole facing the output of the MFE, plug into any other facings. Remember that each upgraded power storage device also has a higher EU output.
  8. The biggest issue with frame anything is that SMP has a bug where local clients and sometimes servers will crash when animated objects are on, so I believe the issue would be the Redpower Logic Gates you have on there.
  9. Name: Decayofsolus Age: 17 What do you wish to accomplish?: I wish to create my own path, leading a group to become a dominant power Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? I've built CASUC reactors before, and Redpower is better then Buildcraft, albeit harder to understand what is the purpose of a macerator? Most base materials can be macerated to either double the output(in the case of ores) or to create a different material(Such as cobble to sand) Recommendations(if you been invited): Just surfing through and saw this, looked like a good server to try out Others things i
  10. It appears I didn't post, but it appears the two motors are not attached to the chassis, which may be your problem
  11. Your In-game Name: DecayofSolus What you like to do on Minecraft: I build stuff, on another server I built a device that can create hulls for Frameships that I called the ASCII (Automated Ship Constructor II, which is the successor of the A.S.S.(Automated Ship 'Structor)) 1000, if by going by numerical value and opposites being obviously higher then negatives, otherwise it'd be -1500, and I'm a man to confuse people
  12. Just through my cursory read of it, Blakmajik is working on remaking zeppelin in Forge. This is an interesting development that pretty much means I will never need to touch Mod Loader again, as when attempting to do a private mod pack build I had some issues with FML and Zep. Any other thoughts from the well thinking individuals of this forum?
  13. I think Azanor is a little asinine about this whole thing, as running through his Thaumcraft 3 thread it looked like he wasn't much of a fan of Tekkit, Technic might be otherwise, but oh well.
  14. Its like Azanor's TC3 teaser, someone mentioned Tekkit and SMP and the shit storm just revved up, including the 'doesn't have permissions' thing. Honestly I doubt even if we put a long list of permissions up it'd even be regarded as accurate, as the haters would say its fabricated, and the users would say whatever.
  15. Avast! for me, mostly because its kind of piratey sounding.
  16. Experimentation requires destrucitonation? Interesting concept though, but I must go with the suggestion to make it mobile using frames.
  17. The guy who made his own Coke is brilliant. But I digress, I've not got many creative methods for making da loot, except for working my ass off when money is suddenly popping up. Although having a father who needs my help with everything work related and a flood that should of never happened along with water restoration as the family business really puts a new laptop's worth of loot in my hands.
  18. It's more convenient, because you can place covers over the top and it will sit flush with the thing you are building. Not ugly anymore, plus its more precise in its control.
  19. Still, can't wait to try out flak cannons down a corridor. Either myself or someone on my squad, still, everyone I've told about that has just laughed maniacally at the concept.
  20. In other words, your net might be derp, or you're just a pirate trying to get around the legit MC conundrum. (If you are the latter, buy the bloody game, its honestly worth the 30 bucks you'll pay for it.)
  21. Now I want to see a couple of thousand aircraft just floating around and shooting at each other. There'd be so many you'd have to concentrate on flying not fighting XD.
  22. I can't think of a single thing, hell even Apple products have buttons, and they stress the minimalist approach way too much.
  23. Also on another note, there is no 'Tekkit Launcher.' There is the option of selecting it on the side bar of the launcher. It's always the Technic Launcher, even if running Yogbox. So I have no clue where the hell you got a Tekkit Launcher.
  24. Oh hey, a random group of nerds nobody has heard about putting out outrageous claims. I think your computers have other issues if they crash changing over to Tekkit, so obviously its your end that is the problem. I know of many people who run the launcher fine on the same version of Windows so you must be doing something very 'special' to get it to crash.
  25. Your issue may be that you're trying to move it with frames. Frames are bad for power transmission. Very bad.
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