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  1. IGN: Nubloo Age: 16 Reason why i'm here: I want a mature community with no one stealing or greifing while i'm offline . So i saw this server and i was like this must be a mature server so I'm here
  2. 1. What is your minecraft name? Nubloo 2. Do you agree to the rules, stated above? Yes i do. 3. Do you have any questions, not listed in the 'Questions and Answers?' No thank you. 4. If so, state them here: 5. Do you have any bans on record? Yes 6. If so, why? Most of the admins abuse and kill me while working in their server or the owner's are annoying also money hungry 7. Why are you interested in SilliHex? Because i want a mature community that has nice people inside of it , I want to have fun with other people without people destroying my stuff and complaining 8. Have you played on any other Hexxit servers? Yes , lots
  3. IG: Nubloo Why do i want to join your server: Because i want a mature community with no griefer's destroying my stuff while i'm offline. age: I'm 16
  4. IGN: Nubloo Age: 16 Why would you like to join our community? Because i want a nice community with mature people that won't grief or steal when i'm offline. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? Yes , i have Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? Yeah i do
  5. IGN (In Game Name): Nubloo Age:16 Why Horizon?: Because i want a mature and calm server to play on , so my stuff won't get grief or stolen when i'm off line What is your goal on the server?: To learn everything about hexxit and make an amazing building for the server as well to show my thanks T
  6. IGN: Nubloo Age:16 How long you've been playing Hexxit (doesn't really matter, newbies or veterans are well received): newbie Maybe a picture of some previous builds(not necessary just enjoy seeing peoples builds, however it will help to show your maturity level in how you build): I restarted my computer , so i'm sorry i don't got any pictures but i'll try my best to make a really good building Why you want to play on this server: I want to play on a server without everyone destroying my stuff and experience players that are mature and won't rage every two seconds when they don't get their stuff
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