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  1. Well I am in the middle of making a new modpack and it ran fine for thirty seconds in the world but i got the same crash report for different mobs/entities and can't figure out whats going on. -- Entity being ticked -- Details: Entity Type: srparasites:infhuman ( Entity ID: 474 Entity Name: Infected Human Entity's Exact location: 177.50, 76.00, 312.50 Entity's Block location: World: (177,76,312), Chunk: (at 1,4,8 in 11,19; contains blocks 176,0,304 to 191,255,319), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511) Entity's Momentum: 0.00, -0.08, 0.00 Entity's Passengers: [] Entity's Vehicle: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null Stacktrace: at at and the other one is the same but for a wolf. -- Entity being ticked -- Details: Entity Type: tfc:wolftfc (net.dries007.tfc.objects.entity.animal.EntityWolfTFC) Entity ID: 230 Entity Name: Wolf Entity's Exact location: -28.74, 149.00, 298.51 Entity's Block location: World: (-29,149,298), Chunk: (at 3,9,10 in -2,18; contains blocks -32,0,288 to -17,255,303), Region: (-1,0; contains chunks -32,0 to -1,31, blocks -512,0,0 to -1,255,511) Entity's Momentum: -0.10, -0.08, 0.00 Entity's Passengers: [] Entity's Vehicle: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null Stacktrace: at at If the original crash reports will help please let me know it won't let me upload those two. Please help me learn how to decode whats going on. Thanks in advance. Mod List: (all mods downloaded 12/09/19) Age of PAB (Beta), Athenaeum, Baubles, Biomes You Go, BookShelf, Buildcraft Builders/Compat/Core/Factory/Robotics/Silicon/Transport, Chisels and Bits, Chroma+, ColoredLux, Double Slabs, Dregora, Dropt, Firstaid, Floodlights, Forgelin, Furniture, HammerCore, HystelMC, JEI, LBM, Macaws Bridges, Macaws Roofs, MDXLib, Moar Boats, Open Terrain Generator, Pams+Bonecraft/Brewcraft/Harvestcraft, Pickup Notifier, Pyrotech, Solar Flux Reborn, SRParasites, TerraFirmaCraft, Tetra, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Additions/Jei/Tinkerer, Trinkets and Baubles, Water Works. crash-2019-12-10_08.38.11-server.txt
  2. I got a question, is there any recommended java for the new launcher? I ask this because the launcher will start loading the modpack but it will just stay on the mojang screen and won't continue to load and if I click on the window it will say it stopped responding and if I click a second time the window goes white... Working on windows 7 vista if that is needed?
  3. I recently lost my world and when I got it back, it would not let me use certain commands such as teleport. I don't know what to do so please help, thank you.
  4. Okay, and any advice to get it to run normally instead of it constantly bringing up the window asking if i want to allow the program to make changes, cause that is annoying whenever i start up the launcher. A little side note, its saying in the memory part now org.spoutcraft... the rest i cant see it cuts off.
  5. Okay thank you two, sorry I failed to realize it was in that post, but thank you.
  6. Please help, after i installed a new java update it told me to delete old java versions and when i clicked that it said that it would delete the previous version but another window came up saying that my tekkit launcher might not of been installed correctly and i hit the button that said re-install with files, or something i can't remember exactly sorry. But i went to start up the launcher and it brought up the administrator box saying "are you sure you want this program to change files in your computer?" I then hit yes but that never came up before, but i hit the cog when the launcher opened up to see if i got more ram to use but it lowered from 1Gb to 512Mb and 768Mb. Please help me. Thank you.
  7. I loaded up my Attack of the B team the one day and was playing and it crashed several times while playing, when it crashed about the tenth time and I shut down the game and launcher and opened it back up, it said I had no world saves. (I only had one) I went to %appdata% and followed to the Technic folder and so on to the saves folder in the attack of the b team. (AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamsavesTech World < my world that won't load). Everything is still in all the folders, I tried shutting down the game and launcher but it still says its not there but appears in my windows explorer. Please help if you can. Thank you.