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  1. I already tried everything I could, still doesn't work
  2. Do you put Forge in the bin folder... do you?
  3. I got a problem when uploading a mod pack to Technic... I made mod pack folder, inside it I made a bin, config, and mods folders ( I have a Mac by the way ) then I drag all the mods I want to mods folder and configs to configs folder and Minecraft Forge to bin folder and then I make the folders into 1 zip and upload to drop box and then upload it to Technic but when I launch my mod pack in the Technic Launcher it turns out to be vanilla (has no mods) I already searched up a bunch of youtube videos to help me... I'm doing exactly what they say to do... I have no idea what's wrong. Also I'm making a 1.6.4 mod pack
  4. *Who are you? Oscar IGN: OscarTheGamer *Where are you from? California *How old are you? 13 *Why do you want to play on our server? Looks like a really friendly b-team server :-) *What do you think you can offer our server? I like helping other people, new people to mods, or just Minecraft in general, and people who are new to this mod pack *Who was your favorite power ranger? I really like the blue one
  5. Username: OscarTheGamer Age: 13 Location: west USA Have you ever been banned from any servers?: No Can you read and write English (Note, Rules are in English)?: Yes, I cam read and write English What’s Rule Number Seven?: to obey admins and mods Summarize your MC/Tekkit Experience: I have a lot of experience with mods since the days I joined Minecraft, mods take MC to a new level, they make the game more, realistic, and just pure funner! Also I have been playing MC for like a year now. I used to like to play FTB, but then people were telling me "dude, there's many more mod packs out there like Technic and ATLauncher" and I was like "great!"
  6. strange, other mod packs do work... hmm.. probably i gotta redownload the actual launcher? will all my mod packs be saved if I re download? does what build of the launcher matter to the mod pack?
  7. Redownloaded it, still same problem, I also tried adding more ram to the launcher, still no work
  8. strangely the pack crashes before actually opening it (says processing version and then it dissapears and the launcher comes back again