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  1. Having some real issues connecting to the server, other servers are up and running but I dont seem to be able to connect.
  2. 1: Moonlitepage 2: Moonlitepage ( I don't have any videos out atm) 3: Yep 4: 16 5: I do hope to make some by playing this! 6: Yes 7: Agreed Regards, Moonlitepage
  3. Ign: Moonlitepage What I like: That it's whitelisted and that it looks like a very friendly community. What could improve: I don't yet see many flaws. Looks like a pretty solid server! Thanks for looking at my application.
  4. Ign: Moonlitepage Banned on any servers: Of course not Age: 16 Why I want to join the server: Like most people here I don't like Non-whitelisted servers because they get too out of control. I also want to meet some cool people interested in the same mods as me. How well do I know the mods: Very well, my strong suites are the Chisel mod, Fossils and Archaeology and tinkers constructs, everything else I know quite well. Why should you let me on: Because I really like whitelisted community's, and am also very friendly and kind. How often will I be on: I will be on for maybe five hours every day for the next week, aside from that daily maybe 2-3 hours. Thanks for considering me.
  5. Ign: Moonlitepage Skype: Moonthedood Age: 15 Why I want to join: Because I like white-listed servers and this one looked pretty cool, Also want some cool people to play with.
  6. 1: Name: Mark 2: IGN: Moonlitepage 3: Age: 15 4: Skype: Moonthedood 5: Banned from a server: Nope 6: Location: Canada 7: Nationality: Canadian/ Irish 8: How long would I play: It depends but usually like 2 hours a day 9: Why do you want to be on this server: Cause single player is quite lonely, and I really like making new friends 10: Hobbies: Fishing, Minecraft, Baseball, Builds 11: Questions: None at all Thanks a lot for considering me!
  7. Can anyone tell me why when I join the server the fps is as smooth as budder then like 5 mins later I die of lag?
  8. What is adding pokemon and other weird stuff to my game? I WANT IT GONE
  9. Nope no servers look like they are online, still cant log in, losing hope, dying
  10. Same here really sucks tried most thing reset the pack and everything, its looking pretty hopeless
  11. Cant log into any servers, not internet connection problems, says cannot connect when I try to join it says Connection time out- connect Please halp :l
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