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  1. Right so in your server properties it will say something like "server-ip= " In that spot you need to put the internal ip that your computer connects to in your LAN (Local Area Network.) Here is how you find it in windows. Hit the Win button and R at the same time. Type in "cmd" and press enter. Then when it brings up the command prompt, type in "ipconfig" Your looking for your IPv4 it should look something like this 192.168.0.X. Put that value into the config file for your server as such "server-ip=192.168.1.X" After you do this the next step will be to set up Port Forwarding, You should be able to connect to your server now by one of these ways. In MC where its says server IP put in "192.168.1.X" or "192.168.1.X:25565" or "localhost" or "" one of these will allow you to connect. For a friend to join using this method it will have to be on your LAN. If they are some where else connecting you will have to set up Port Forwarding which once again I'd be happy to help with. Let me know if you have questions.
  2. This has answered all of my questions... I kept wondering how creepers were still creeping up on me. now i know! thanks all!
  3. I'm sure you're wanting to get this going today, and unfortunately I have to work in about 10 minutes. If you are still having troubles tomorrow I'd love to help out! ill be on late tonight and tomorrow morning. I'll pm you my skype name.
  4. sure you're on the right version of atobt for the server you are joining? when you restart your pack make sure everything is fully deleted from the technicpack folder in appdata. also if you post a crash log that will help.
  5. Did this but im still getting that waterfall sound... wouldn't mind it if i could turn it down but it is litterally all i can hear when I'm near one...
  6. Hows that dye farm working out for you bluewolf?
  7. I think i figured it out... Seems there are some normal mods that are not so normal. Strange cows and pigs that spawned in on a Biomes'Oplenty biome that dont have sounds... Strangest thing ive ever seen.
  8. I didn't have any luck with this. Followed your steps, and i still have no vanilla sounds.
  9. Well i went to check and make sure and my reads "level-type=BIOMESOP" so hmm... I'm going to try getting fresh downloads and giving it a shot again tomorrow. Thanks for the input though! Everything helps!
  10. Who wants this dog?!

  11. Having a couple of problems with my AotBT server. 1. When I launch the server and join the game there is no evidence of BiomesO'Plenty anywhere, I have tried many different maps and seeds and get nothing! So I thought to myself I'll start one with a map from singleplayer to try and figure this thing out. That turned out to be a huge fail. It caused some "severe errors" on the server and nothing worked at all... (So I reinstalled the server and I'm back to square one.) It also seems that in conjunction with this problem no generated structures want to appear either. Absolutely no villages, strongholds dungeons or any special generated structures appear anywhere. 2. /config is not working at all. It's not in the help list or anything... My server is the 1.0.2 version I downloaded it this morning at 8:00 am EST. To be honest I couldn't be more confused. All of the Mods appear in the "/mods" folder within techic, are the same as the ones on the server. Needless to say I'm at a loss... If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be delighted to hear them. Thanks for your time!